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Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

The flagship SUBARU BRZ STi was shown on the first photorenders.

Independent renderings of Subaru BRZ STi made by Avante Design have appeared in the Network.

This visualization has nothing to do with the plans of the automaker itself.

The Subaru BRZ and related Toyota GR86 are not overlooked by tuners.

Nevertheless, there is no limit to the designer’s imagination, so the independent 3D artist Avante Design created a new wide bodykit for the fictional BRZ STi.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rendering of the BRZ STi, but Avante Design’s approach is more radical than X-Tomi Design’s 2020 offering.

The car here looks more like a track monster than a production car.

At the front, the Japanese sports car got a redesigned front bumper with massive air intakes, a prominent splitter and integrated LEDs.

Avante Design also added a vented hood and headlight inserts.

Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

This specimen is significantly wider than the factory one thanks to front and rear fender extensions that blend in with the rest of the body with extended side sills.

Completing the look are a new set of Enkei RS05RR gold-coated multi-spoke alloy wheels and Toyo tires with plenty of negative camber and a wide track.

Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

The car gets a blue body tint, an homage to Subaru’s racing heritage.

The rear bumper gets extra openings, putting more emphasis on the diffuser and twin exhaust tips.

Finally, a fixed rear fender is a must for any sporty Subaru with an STi badge.

Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

Avante Design didn’t describe any mechanical upgrades, but with such a bodykit, everyone expected an increase in power.

The standard naturally aspirated 2.4-liter opposition engine produces 232 hp and 250 Nm of torque in Japan.

Subaru BRZ STi 2023.

So the STi should easily exceed 300 hp. The BRZ was conceived as a rear-wheel-drive model, so it should remain so even in a potential flagship version.

Subaru doesn’t seem to intend to produce a performance-oriented variant of the BRZ, and even if they did, it would certainly look more subtle than this fictional approach.

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