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Subaru Rex 2023.

Subaru Rex 2023.

Subaru Rex 2023.

The reborn Subaru Rex in a new body has turned from a key car into a crossover.

Subaru revived the «Rex» name under which it produced the miniature key car from 1972 to 1992.

Over the years, there have been three generations of the model, and now, after a 30-year pause, the fourth has arrived.

Let’s notice, that Subaru Rex 2023 is not even a key-car any more, and is developed not from scratch.

In fact, the represented car is a modified version of Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize presented on Japanese market since 1929.

Especially the novelty from Subaru is similar to the model from Daihatsu. Apparently, it was developed as part of widespread in Japan corporate OEM-collaboration.

The car has the same «face» with a compact hexagonal radiator grille and a bumper with large side sections.

In fact, the only unique elements are its own nameplates and emblems.

Depending on the configuration, the model may have 16 or 17″ wheels. It has a five-seat interior, with a virtual dashboard and a small tablet multimedia system.

The Subaru Parkette is built on the DNGA modular platform (a variation of the TNGA «bogie» for compact cars).

Subaru Rex 2023.

In the front, it has MacPherson struts, but in the rear a twisting beam is used.

It has the same overall length (3,995 mm), as the above mentioned twin models.

Its ground clearance is 185 mm, and the trunk with a deep underpass is designed for 369 liters.

Subaru Rex 2023.

Interestingly, the Rex is equipped only with 1.2-liter diesel engine with an output of 87 hp (113 Nm), which works in conjunction with a variator, driving the front wheels.

However, a hybrid power-unit and full drive (as at models Daihatsu and Toyota) it is not allowed.

Subaru Rex 2023.

In Japan, acceptance of orders for the new compact Parkett has already started. It is possible to buy it at a price of $12,900 (780,000 rubles at current exchange rate), and two fixed kitting options are offered to customers.

For comparison, the Daihatsu Rocky in the local market costs from $11,900 (720,000 rubles), and the Toyota Raize — from $12,200 (740,000 rubles).

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