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Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

The Subaru STI E-RA concept will connect electricity and motorsport.

The show car was created «for the purpose of gaining experience and learning new technologies in the world of motorsports,» but the company has not yet disclosed any specs. It’s not certain that they will be revealed in January when the car is declassified.

In January, Subaru will show the STI E-RA concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, a prototype of a sports car or racing (rally) model of the «carbon-neutral era.»

Hood and nose, judging by the teaser, remind «fifth» WRX, but with redesigned optics and decorative grille.

By serial electric cars brand came recently (a joint project with Toyota Solterra, debuted last November).

Prior to that, the company experimented with electric city-cars, creating several concepts and small prototypes.

A continuation of the theme in the form of a battery-powered sports model looks logical.

Features of the WRX S4 STI Performance Concept show car include cherry accents around the perimeter of the body, a carbon fiber antifender and a custom muffler.

A more productive muffler and similar décor will go to the related LeVorg.

Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

Also in Tokyo, Subaru will show WRX S4 STI and Levorg STI concepts based on fellow S4 STI Sport R and Levorg STI Sport R plus race model BRZ GT300, which won its class this year.

The BRZ STI sports car will also appear on the stand, with a whole set of parts from the STI division to enhance driving fun and cherry red accents similar to those prepared for the WRX and Levorg.

Subaru has published a preview of its booth at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show (TAS 2022) in mid-January.

Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

Thanks to a partnership with Toyota, the company Subaru enters the era of electric cars: in November debuted a medium-sized crossover Solterra, which, in fact, is a reincarnated Toyota bZ4X, but even in Toyota’s press releases stressed that the development of full drive system for both related models was engaged Subaru — they say, it is its specialty, although in this case we are talking only about software algorithms, not the «iron».

Other electric Subaru cars will follow the Solterra, and an electric STI will be at the top of the «green» range, as it turned out today, the harbinger of which will be the STI E-RA concept car from the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

Alas, there are no technical details yet, and the only teaser with a blurred front shows C-shaped headlights and a hood with four vents, whose purpose in relation to the electric car is difficult to predict — it may be a sham.

A computer rendering of the booth shows that the STI E-RA will not be in the center of the podium, but on the right side, meaning it is one of two cars under the covers.

Curiously, the press release states five cars, but on the rendering of the stand we see six, that is, one of the two cars under the blanket is still completely classified.

The second car on the left reminds crossover Solterra by its proportions — maybe it is a sports version, and the squat machine on the extreme right is probably STI E-RA.

Subaru STI E-RA 2022.

We will know all the truth on January 14, when TAS opens its doors to the press.

Well, in the center of the stand, judging by the rendering and a brief description, will stand Subaru WRX S4 STI performance — slightly embellished version of sedan WRX S4 STI Sport R for the Japanese market, with a more advanced aerodynamic kit (on the trunk lid installed anti-wing) and pink decorative elements.

To the right of the sports sedan we see the related Levorg STI performance wagon based on the production version STI Sport R (also, apparently, with additional accessories), to the left — the BRZ STI performance coupe and racing BRZ GT300.

We should add that sport sedan Subaru WRX new generation debuted in September this year, the car kept differential all-wheel drive and got 2.4-liter gasoline oppositional turbo engine with 275 hp.

In the near future, a top-version WRX STI with more than 300 hp is expected, and it may be the last in history — only «electric cars» will follow.

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