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Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021. The Subaru WRX Swapped Miata is your dream rally car.

A whole series of videos has been published on the foreign YouTube channel, which shows a rather unusual version of the Mazda Miata, which received an engine and an all-wheel drive transmission from a powerful Subaru WRX.

Mazda Miata — one of the most beloved by many fans of the Japanese brand of cars on earth.

It’s no secret that the humble Mazda Miata can do everything well except transporting four people in the cabin and driving off-road.

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

In this particular version of this legend, there are simply no rear seats, and under the hood is the engine and transmission from the Subaru WRX, making it a true rally monster on the road.

«The final build is the Miata, which in some ways is even more sporty than the standard model, making it a pleasure to drive on any terrain,» the video said.

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

David Patterson of ThatDudeInBlue YouTube channel has the ability to drive a huge number of different cars. In his latest video, we’ll see one of his favorite builds in action.

Mazda Miata NA, which has received many components and assemblies from the WRX, is also one of the most interesting and unique assemblies presented on his channel.

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

Whoever built this car, his name is Caleb, has his own YouTube channel, Gingium, where you can find a detailed video series covering all of his wild builds.

This particular Mazda Miata was previously a fairly regular version of the Miata.

Then Caleb got his hands on the wrecked Subaru Impreza WRX, which was produced from 2000 to 2002, and began work on his unique «Frankenstein Project».

Subaru WRX Swapped Miata 2021.

The RWD Miata and the inline 4-cylinder engine have been eliminated.

In their place, Caleb installed a Subaru WRX all-wheel drive drivetrain, which required a lot of engineering effort to complete.

The resulting all-wheel drive Mazda Miata may look a little rough around the edges, however every detail of this build has been analyzed and perfected.

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