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Subaru XV 2021.

Subaru XV 2021.

Subaru XV 2021.

Subaru XV 2021: a practical crossover with real off-road properties.
The radical restyling of the Subaru XV series crossover has initiated an increased interest of the driver’s contingent in the new off-road version — Subaru XV 2021.

According to the company’s specialists, the new model is equally suitable for traveling on high-speed roads and off-road.

The novelty of the lineup is externally identified by the modified radiator grille, the front optics units combined with the direction indicators, high ground clearance and the presence of other off-road accessories.

Despite the renewal of structural and layout solutions, the designers managed to keep the features of the exclusive brand style in the new look of the crossover.


In the photo in the front view, the new body looks the most stylish and expressive. The front end design contains:

sports slope of the windshield;
compact format of the bonnet decorated with side profiles;
futuristic configuration of combined front optics;
winged brand logo and plastic trapezoid of coarse-mesh radiator cladding.

Subaru XV 2021.

A small mesh of the ventilation air intake is integrated into the massive plastic body kit. The entourage of the front side of the body is complemented by the diagonal arrangement of diffusers with integrated round shades of powerful fog lights. A small amount of decorative chrome plating compensates for the numerous details of the dynamic stepped relief.

The crossover’s profile in profile attracts attention with a combination of clearly defined sport and business styles.

The design is dominated by practicality and functionality, however, the new generation Subaru XV 2021 looks elegant, sporty and largely presentable. In sight:

atypical for European counterparts body contour with small rails, an elongated front end and a cabin shifted to the stern;
arched configuration of a plastic window perimeter;
original rear-view mirrors and door handles recessed into the body.

The standard configuration of the lower body segment contains external linkage elements characteristic of SUVs, including a protective skirt for the lower edge and an increased diameter of aluminum composite rims.

The status of the novelty is confirmed by the clearance height of 220 mm and the compactness of the overhangs.

Subaru XV 2021.

Modernization practically did not affect the design of the stern. Still in stock:

the tandem spoiler and rear glazing that has become the reference solution;
compact size decorated with a corporate logo, sections of multifunctional lights and numerous reliefs of the tailgate;
ribbed bumper sidewalls made of unpainted plastic with integrated fog lights and a small metal body kit.

The positive visual perception of the crossover SUV is formed by the compact format, aerodynamic contour and high body fit, rounded corners of roomy wheel arches and original pattern of branded wheels.


The interior of the five-seater salon does not claim to be premium, nevertheless it looks attractive in all respects.

The quality of the fabric or kozhimite interior decoration is impeccable. The salon has excellent ergonomics of the interior equipment and all five seats.

In the front panel layout, attention is drawn to the original interpretation of the analog instrument cluster and the placement of a computer monitor on the upper edge of the center console.

The upper block of the small-sized dashboard includes an 8-inch media display and an activation panel for the most popular options.

The tunnel offers easy access to the technical area, regular organizers and a mini-fridge under the armrest. The multifunctional status of the multifunction steering wheel confirms the presence of two blocks of command buttons on its front surface.

Subaru XV 2021.

Pilot seats with full lateral support are designed in the best crossover traditions. In the basic configuration, there is a small list of control ranges, as well as ventilation and heating systems.

The seat and travel service of the rear sofa offers the ability to change the angle of the backrest. For the passenger of the center seat, the high casing of the central tunnel creates a certain discomfort.


The belonging of the new «X-Vi 2021» to the class of compact SUVs in a crossover configuration is determined by the external dimensions realized in the ratios of 4465 x 1800 and 1615 mm and the length of the wheelbase of 2665 mm.

The list of advantages of the new version of the chassis includes the all-wheel drive SPG platform, an efficient multi-link rack-and-pinion suspension, a full set of stabilizers, disc brakes and active safety systems. Off-road performance has been improved by increasing ground clearance by 20 mm.

• The engine range is limited to two gasoline aspirated engines that meet Euro-5 environmental standards. The base version is a 1.6-liter boxer with 114 hp / 150 Nm peak thrust output.

• The complete set of the top modification includes a more dynamic analogue with the parameters of 2 l / 156 hp / 196 Nm.

Subaru XV 2021.

• Both engines are adapted to the features of the Lineartronic all-wheel drive CVT transmission, supplemented by an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.

The test drive showed the traction, speed and consumption characteristics of each variant nominal for its category.

Options and prices

The new Subaru XV 2021 model year is slated for production in five modifications. The initial price of the basic configuration is announced at 1.6 million rubles, the cost of the top version is 350 thousand more.

Sales start in Russia

The specific release date in Russia of the new version of the crossover has not yet been specified. According to the latest data, the first deliveries are planned for the beginning of the second half of 2021.


In the list of real rivals, models such as Audi A3, Ford Kuga, BMW X1, Citroen Crossback or Suzuki CX4 are in the lead.

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