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Subaru XV 2022.

Subaru XV 2022.

Subaru XV 2022.

Subaru XV 2022: a crossover with full off-road potential.

Leading analysts predict crossover cars to be in stable demand for the next few years.

Perhaps that’s why the Japanese brand Subaru has implemented a restyling of the all-wheel-drive crossover all-terrain vehicle, which is already being advertised as the Subaru XV 2022 in a short time.

During the modernization, the novelty has increased in size and moved to a new platform, updated the performance characteristics of the engine range, and received new technological and design solutions in the exterior design.


At the base of the body design Subaru XV series of the second generation laid the latest corporate concept, which in translation means «a combination of dynamics and integrity.»

Nevertheless, experts have managed to fully preserve the recognizable details of the classic brand style. The new version of the all-wheel-drive crossover provides a full-face view:

ribbed side profiles of the sloped hood;
The radiator trapeze decorated with black glossy grid and chrome-plated brand logo;
aggressive squint of the powerful optics with LED fittings, complete with C-shaped headlights.

The lower segment of the sports front end is designed in an exclusive manner. There are compact bumper dimensions, the air intake grid integrated into the high plastic dodger, and a massive diagonal of the protective panel.

Subaru XV 2022.

Entourage frontal plane harmoniously complements the fog lights installed in the side diffusers.

According to eyewitnesses, the new 2022 Subaru cross model is not inferior to its prestigious and presentable counterparts in the higher price range in terms of visual perception.

From a profile perspective, the body carries recognizable elements of the sporty layout. Dynamic, streamlined contour of roof falling down to the back glazing, dark matting of window perimeter and wide vertical struts, interestingly designed mirrors and moderate amount of stepped-wave side reliefs are presented on the photo.

The reality of the all-terrain potential of the post-reform crossover is evident:

In the square configuration of the wheel arches and the reinforced design of the 17-inch rims;
in the high body fit;
compact format of overhangs and the presence of massive protective plastic on the lower contours of the body.

Subaru XV 2022.

In the layout and design features of the stern: the side racks of the window spoiler visor, branded graphics of the parking lights, high threshold of the embossed trunk door, wide bumper, a diagonal protective panel and black plastic frames of the fog lights.

In the general opinion of experts, in the configuration of the model Subaru XV 2022, the company prepares the basis for the development of technically and technologically advanced continuators of the branded lineup.


Interior decoration does not impress the imagination with the premium quality of the finishing range or exclusive design refinements.

The main emphasis is placed on operating comfort, easy access to the activators of technical and electronic equipment, maximum safety for the driver and passengers in case of emergency.

The front panel demonstrates:

excellent informativeness and readability of the analog, in the basic configuration of the crossover, dashboard;
rich command functionality of the touchpad media display and placed on the steering wheel mechanical activators of several options;
a set of diffusers and a dashboard with washers to adjust the interior microclimate.

Subaru XV 2022.

Front row passengers will appreciate the ergonomics and competent profiling of pilot seats, the range of adjustment ranges, the comfort of lateral support and the effectiveness of service equipment, including heating and ventilation systems.

The typical three-seat sofa is less comfortable due to its compact size. Moreover, the high profile of the tunnel end can create discomfort for the center-seat passenger.

The list of advantages of the 380-liter luggage compartment includes a wide door opening, flat floor and a possibility to increase the standard volume up to 1200 liters by means of partial dismantling of the couch seats.

The luggage compartment is equipped with a niche for a full-size spare wheel and tools.


«X-Vee» of the new generation stays in the status of a compact crossover with external dimensions of 4485 x 1800 and 1615 mm, interaxle base and ground clearance of 2665/220 mm, respectively.

The new body is adapted to the design and layout features of the brand SPG «bogie» with the transverse arrangement of the power unit, a combination of independent, Macpherson and multi-linkage, axle suspension.

The merits of the new Subaru XV 2022 include a brake circuit with a full circle of disc brakes, a paired set of lateral stability stabilizers and the expanded working functionality of the track safety system components.

Subaru XV 2022.

— The power potential of the model for the Russian market is represented by a gasoline-powered two-liter atmospheric opposed engine, with 150 hp /196 Nm of peak thrust. The powertrain is accompanied by a four-wheel drive variator.

— A test drive showed that the crossover consumes a little more than 10 seconds from start to reach the second hundredth. The top speed is 192 km/h, the fuel consumption in a variable running mode is 7 liters.

Options and prices

On the markets of the Russian Federation, the new Subaru XV 2022 model year will be delivered in three modifications, costing from 2.5 to 2.7 million rubles. The price of modifications will be formed depending on the comfort and functionality of special options.

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