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Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

Suzuki is preparing an updated 4WD SX4 2022 crossover for its debut by the end of the year.

Suzuki cars are not very popular on the Russian market.

However, one model still managed to gain a foothold in our country — it is a compact Suzuki SX4 2022.

The car is available in the Russian Federation in two configurations with a price from 1,679,000 to 2,129,000 rubles. But now there are three programs that allow you to get a discount on the car:

Trade-in (up to 100 thousand rubles), Suzuki Finance (up to 60 thousand rubles) and for medical workers (20 thousand rubles).

There are two engines in model’s engine range: atmospheric and turbocharged, which work together with «manual» or «automat».

The main competitors of SX4 are Hyundai Creta and Renault Kaptur. After the restyling, the car received a more striking standout design in the stream.

Technical Specifications

Suzuki SX4 2022 in the new body is presented in two configurations with different specifications and price. The model in the photo is a restyling of the second generation.

As noted above, there are two engines in the engine range of this machine.

Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

In the starting configuration there is a 1.6-liter atmospheric «engine» with a maximum capacity of 117 horsepower.

It works together with a five-speed «manual» and a six-speed automatic gearbox.

A more expensive version has a 1.4-liter turbocharged unit under the hood with 140 «horses».

It comes with an automatic transmission. Anyway, both 2WD and all-wheel drive (ALLGRIP 4WD) are available.

Acceleration from a place up to a «hundred» takes from 9.5 to 13.5 seconds depending on the engine, transmission and drive.

Dimensions of the car are very small for a model of the SUV segment. The body length is only 4300 mm, width is 1785 mm, and height is 1585 mm.

These dimensions make a turning radius of 5.4 meters. The clearance of the model is not high — only 180 mm.

Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

The distance between the front and rear axles is 2.6 meters. Therefore, despite the small size, the crossover has a fairly spacious interior. The car is designed for five people, but the rear seats can be set in two positions.

At the same time, depending on the layout of the seats, the volume of the luggage compartment changes (430 and 440 liters). The maximum possible volume of the trunk, according to the manufacturer, is equal to 1,269 liters.

Of course, SX4 is not the most roomy and spacious car, but it is enough for travel with the whole family, even for long distances. Moreover, it is quite a comfortable parket, with many useful options.

Options and prices

This model is presented only in two complete sets. In this case, the final cost affects not only the level of equipment, but also the transmission, engine, as well as the type of drive.

This is a standard configuration, but it can be equipped with different technical units.

In any case, for this configuration is available exclusively 1.6-liter gasoline atmospheric engine.

The most budget option is a front-wheel drive + manual «five-speed» — 1.679 million rubles. If the «mechanics» is swapped for a six-speed «automat», the price rises to 1.779 million rubles.

With all-wheel drive and manual transmission the car will cost 1.829 million rubles, and with an «automatic» — 1.889 million rubles.

Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

This is an addition to the standard configuration. Therefore their names differ only by the presence of the letter «X».

In this configuration you can choose between two engines. The transmission is available only one — a six-speed «automatic».

Drive can also be front or all-wheel drive. The cheapest Suzuki СХ4 2022 in GLX version is a variant with 1,6-liter atmospheric engine, front drive and automatic gearbox — 1 929 000 rubles.

With 1.4-liter turbo engine, 2WD and «automatic» the car costs 2,029,000 rubles. The most expensive version with 1.4L BOOSTERJET, ALLGRIP 4WD and 6AT — 2,129,000 rubles.


The restyled second-generation Suzuki SX4 has quite a bright design, especially in comparison with its predecessor, which had a primitive «boring» appearance.

The car is equipped with oval chromed radiator grille and drop-shaped headlights, coming in edges on the front wing.

Suzuki 4WD SX4 2022.

Below there is wide bumper with aggressive air inlets. Overall, the front end of the Suzuki SX4 2022 is very similar to the stylistics of British Jaguar brand cars.

In the sides and rear, the car doesn’t look as stylish. The sides have flowing lines, and the rear has the standard lights of many crossovers.

The interior also does not stand out with unusual design solutions. However, many motorists say that the interior of the car is ergonomic.

There is a standard analog dashboard and a long gearbox lever, which gives SX4 resemblance to old models of the 90s.

The island of technologic is a small touch screen in the center of «dashboard». But as a whole the interior of SX4 creates the atmosphere of coziness and that’s why it’s pleasant to be in it.

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