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Suzuki Ignis 2021.

Suzuki Ignis 2021.

Suzuki Ignis 2021.

Suzuki Ignis 2021: stylish Japanese cross-hatchback.
The Japanese company «Suzuki» specializes in the production of small-sized cars of various classifications.

The presentation of a new version of the compact crossover of the Suzuki brand, which will enter the world market under the name Suzuki Ignis 2021, took place at the Tokyo Auto Show.

In the third generation, the new cross-hatchback model has received a number of updates to the exterior and interior. The technical and traction-speed characteristics of the five-door remained at the same level.

The modern body design and the level of the side equipment allows the new Ignis of the 2021 model to claim the status of a youth car.


In advertising photos, the cross-hatch looks stylish and presentable from all angles, nevertheless, most of the bodywork is focused on the rectangular format of the massive front end. In front projection, the new body shows:

• rounded sidewalls of a short, slightly sloping bonnet;

• decorative chrome plating of the perimeter and air intakes of the exclusive radiator cladding;

• crescent-shaped running lights combined with turn signals of compact units of front optics.

Suzuki Ignis 2021.

In the basic configuration of the front there is also a protruding ribbed bumper profile, a figured protective panel of a large-format ventilation duct and classic round sidelights recessed into the wells of the side diffusers.

The entourage is complemented by a variety of stepped and undulating body reliefs.
In the lateral projection, the new generation Ignis demonstrates the characteristic details of the hatchback layout.

In the field of view: the conditional difference in the angles of the hood and windshield, the silvery roof rails, the line of the side windows extended to the powerful rear pillars.

In the structural features of the body sidewalls, one can note an interesting design of mirrors, the presence of off-road hitching elements and the corporate design of 17-inch rims.

Despite the high ground clearance, experts attribute the cross-hatchback to the urban car segment.

The brand identity, recognizable at first glance, dominates the aft design. In the spotlight:

• panoramic format of the semi-oval rear window narrowed in the upper part;

• decorated with the logo, embossed inscriptions and internal segments of the lamps, the trunk lid;

• powerful bumper with two vertical foglights and a protective panel of a compact plastic-metal body kit.

The body kit is complemented by towing eyes and a cutout for the exhaust pipe.

Suzuki Ignis 2021.


The interior is dominated by the style of moderate minimalism. The finishing is fabric or kozhimite, the assortment also includes very high-quality plastic and decorative inserts.

The front panel, which is quite informative for a budget car, offers an interesting version of analog-digital «tidy» and a 7-inch format of the media-command display located between the square deflectors.

Restyling affected the expansion of the functionality of the technical and electronic equipment of the cross-hatch, in particular, the multimedia complex and security systems.

• The buttons and switches of the center console are responsible for activating and quickly setting the few functional and comfort-creating options.

• In the complete set of the tunnel only the most necessary: ​​the transmission lever, cup holders and a minimum set of organizers. The armrest is available only in the top version.

• Seats in the first row are simple yet well profiled and comfortable. The road boarding service offers several ranges of mechanical adjustments, simulated lateral support and heated seats.

• The rear sofa is positioned as a three-seater, but with the proper comfort it can accommodate two adult riders.

Suzuki Ignis 2021.

The more than moderate loading volume of the 200-liter trunk can be increased by 2.5 times by laying the sofa backrest. The spare wheel placed in the luggage floor niche is not reflected in the spaciousness of the compartment.


The dimensions of the modernized Suzuki Ignis 2021 cross-hatchback, in harmonious proportions of 3700 x 1660 and 1595 mm, determine its belonging to the models of the subcompact segment. The third release is based on the platform copied from the analogue Baleno.

• In the design features of the chassis with a base and ground clearance of 2435/180 mm — an independent MacPhersonian front suspension and a torsion bar semi-dependent rear axle.

• The novelty of the lineup is equipped with disc and shoe brakes, as well as a list of security systems typical for budget cars.

• The engine of the base model is a four-cylinder 1.2-liter gasoline «aspirated» with an output of 90 hp / 120 Nm, working in tandem with a 5-speed front-wheel drive «mechanics» or its all-wheel drive automated analogue.

Suzuki Ignis 2021.

In the top-end modification, the engine is supplemented with a hybrid attachment consisting of a 2.3-kilowatt starter-generator and an energy-intensive lithium-ion modular battery.

The test drive of the gasoline engine showed a second hundred exchange time of 12.3 seconds, a maximum speed of 170 km / h and a fuel consumption per 100 km of run up to 6.5 liters.

Options and prices

In the markets of the European Union, Suzuki Ignis 2021 will be offered in four versions. Taking into account the equipment and special options, the price will vary in the range of 12-16 thousand euros.

Sales start in Russia

In our showrooms, Suzuki brand products are practically absent due to low demand. Thus, the release date in Russia of the new cross-hatchback is postponed indefinitely.

Competing models

The modernized «Ignis» has more than thirty names of real rivals.

According to independent experts, these are compact models of the same type for the purpose of the class Renault Sandero Stepway, FIAT 500, Opel Corsa, SEAT Ibiza, Ford Fiesta, SKODA Fabia or Citroen C3.

The new Suzuki Ignis 2021 model year can claim an honorable place in the top ten.

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