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Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

A five-door variant of Suzuki Jimny SUV was presented in India.

Premiere of five-door Suzuki Jimny took place at January Auto Expo 2023 in India.

Earlier there were no such versions in the Japanese model’s range. The novelty has been developed on a joint venture of Maruti Suzuki.

The five-door model has the usual design of the front end, and rear wall with side-opening tailgate is also standard.

At the same time the front doors of this Jimny are a little bit shorter, and also have changed bottom part of the doorway.

The five-door’s roof is made as a single panel.

Interior of the five-door is also standard, and the developers even saved the usual formula — the car is designed for four seats.

The second row is still capable to receive only two passengers, though it also could be three-seater, as it is no more squeezed between wheel arches (as a three-door has).

Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

Wheelbase of Suzuki Jimny 5D 2023 was stretched to 2,590 mm (+ 340).

The same increase came to the length of the car — it increased to 3 985 mm.

The developers purposely tried to keep to four meters, because there are tax benefits for such cars in India.

Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

As for the other dimensions, the width of the five-door SUV has not changed — 1,645 mm, but its height slightly decreased — to 1,720 mm (- 5).

Interestingly, to install the right rear door, the developers had to change the location of the fuel tank and the fuel filler flap.

Luggage space is 208 liters (+123). The backrests of the rear sofa can be folded down piece by piece to increase the compartment.

Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

Technical «stuffing» is almost the same as in the three-door. The car is powered by a standard 1.5-liter atmospheric K15B engine, but here it is completed with a starter-generator.

Power plant output is claimed at the level of 105 hp (134 Nm). The unit can be operated either with a five-speed manual or with a four-speed automatic.

There is also a hard-switching all-wheel drive with a downshift transmission.

Suzuki Jimny 5D 2024.

Plus, the novelty has the same chassis with two continuous axles. Even clearance hasn’t changed — the usual 210 mm.

Five-door Jimny will be produced in India, at that the model is global, that is will be presented in all major markets.

However, first sales of long SUV will start in India — will happen about the middle of the twenty-third. No information about the cost of the model yet.

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