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Suzuki Misano 2021.

Suzuki Misano 2021.

Suzuki Misano 2021.

Unusual sports car Suzuki Misano: a mixture of a racing car and a sportbike.

In Italy, the premiere of the Suzuki Misano sports car took place, and the open two-door was not built by a Japanese company at all.

The car was developed by the efforts of 24 students of the European Institute of Design IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Turin, Italy. They were led by renowned automotive designer James Hope.

The task of the IED students was to come up with the look of the Suzuki Misano, and in the process they were limited by stringent technical requirements.

Well, the construction of the finished prototype was already entrusted to the EDAG design bureau from Germany and Torino Crea Engineering from Italy.

Suzuki Misano 2021.

Of course, Suzuki also took part in the project, but limited itself to the role of a technical partner. Plus, OZ Racing and Pirelli were also involved in the development of the sports car.

The Suzuki Misano 2021 itself is a four-wheeled racing car about four meters long, which has a rather unusual seating configuration.

The seats of the prototype are located like those of motorcycles, that is, one after the other, and not along the centerline of the car, but on its left side. On the right, the designers placed the traction battery.

Suzuki Misano 2021.

By the way, the steering wheel of a sports car is also not quite ordinary, but a motorcycle one. How convenient it is to use is an unanswered question.

There is also no information about the technical stuffing. Nobody plans to launch Suzuki Misano into the series — this is a purely design experiment.

At the same time, a prototype built in a single copy will become an exhibit at the National Automobile Museum of Turin on May 15, 2021.

Suzuki Misano 2021.

Suddenly: a Suzuki Misano sports car with the soul of a motorcycle.

The debut of this unusual car took place today in Italy. The fact is that it was not developed by Suzuki at all. She acted only as the main technical partner.

Misano is a project of the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) based in Turin.

In addition to Suzuki, Pirelli and OZ Racing also became sponsors, and the EDAG design bureaus from Germany and Torino Crea Engineering from Italy were directly involved in the construction of the car.

Suzuki Misano is another attempt to cross a racing car with a sports bike. A group of twenty-four IED students, led by renowned auto designer James Hope, worked on the car.

Suzuki Misano 2021.

Moreover, the flight of their imagination was not limited by strict technical requirements.

Therefore, the four-wheeled prototype has a body with completely automotive proportions (length — four meters), but with an unusual configuration of seats.

The two seats are located in a motorcycle-style one after the other, but not along the centerline of the car, but on the left side.

A traction battery is installed to the right of them. In front of the driver is a motorcycle steering wheel, the ease of use of which is in doubt.

However, Suzuki Misano is just a design experiment. The developers do not even report the power of the electric motor and other characteristics of the car.

Such a sports car will not appear in the Suzuki lineup. And the only example built already on May 15 will be exhibited at the National Automobile Museum of Turin.

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