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Suzuki Swace 2023.

Suzuki Swace 2023.

Updated station wagon Suzuki Swace, which is made from Toyota: the model has become more powerful.

Suzuki’s «five-door» also slightly tweaked its appearance, in addition, the list of equipment was revised.

The Swace station wagon in the Suzuki range appeared in 2020, it only comes in the form of a hybrid (without the possibility of recharging from the mains), and it is sold exclusively in Europe.

The original «barn» model is not — it is a converted Toyota Corolla Touring Sports.

Designed for the Old World, Toyota’s five-door was updated last year, and now it’s the clone’s turn.

Residents of the Netherlands will be among the first to receive the upgraded Suzuki Sway: local dealers are already taking orders, the start of “live” sales there is scheduled for March.

The main thing is that following the hybrid Corolla, the Suzuki station wagon has gained improved technology.

So, due to the new electric motor, the total output of the installation based on the atmospheric 1.8 gasoline increased from 122 to 140 hp, and the acceleration time from zero to “hundreds” was reduced by 1.7 seconds: Suzuki Swace will now do this exercise in 9 .4 seconds.

In the Netherlands, the station wagon is available in two trim levels. The rich version now has a different diode filling in the headlights (the shape of the optics has not changed).

Suzuki Swace 2023.

Common to both versions in terms of design — chrome lining on the rear bumper.

Inside is a new multimedia system (it comes by default), although the screen is no longer: 8 inches, while the Corolla TouringSports put a 10.5-inch tablet. There are now four USB ports in the cabin.

Suzuki Swace 2023.

“In the base” there is also a digital tidy (7”, for Toyota, again, a larger screen is provided), heated steering wheel and front seats, climate control, rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, auto-braking and marking tracking systems .

The more expensive version additionally has wireless charging for a smartphone, a blind spot monitoring system and warnings about the approach of another car when the door is opened (the latter system is new).

For the basic updated station wagon Suzuki Swace (select package) in the Netherlands they ask for at least 35,795 euros, the second version (Style) costs from 37,795 euros.

For comparison, the price of a Toyota Corolla Touring Sports with a similar installation there starts at 32,495 euros (but the Toyota model is slightly poorer).

Suzuki Swace 2023.

Soon, the upgraded «five-door» Swace will appear in other European countries.

Recall that in the «old-world» line of Suzuki there is another model «borrowed» from Toyota — the Across crossover, which is also a converted RAV4.

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