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Suzuki Vitara 2022.

Suzuki Vitara 2022.

Suzuki Vitara 2022.

Suzuki Vitara 2022. It is difficult to overestimate the popularity of inexpensive crossovers on the global and Russian markets.

Their sales have the greatest share in total sales and every year the competition in this segment is only increasing.

One of the most durable and reliable cars from SUV-representatives is a Japanese compact-cross Suzuki Vitara.

This car on the territory of Russia can be called quite young, because it appeared here only in the middle of 2015 and at once in the fourth generation.

Now domestic motorists can buy a restyled version of the fourth generation of «Japanese».

It is offered with two variants of gasoline power units, 1.4 and 1.6 liters.

Besides a choice of engines, buyers can decide, to establish automatic transmission or «mechanics» on the automobile, and also a front or full drive.

Now the declared «price tag» for the car is in the range from 1.64 to 2.21 million rubles.

Suzuki Vitara 2022.

Domestic motorists leave a sufficient number of reviews about the crossover in the network, on the basis of which it can be concluded what advantages in this model are highlighted by its owners, and what they consider significant disadvantages.

Very reliable and predictable

As you can expect, among the main positive reviews regarding the Suzuki Vitara crossover is its reliability.

Like all models of the Japanese company, the Vitara is very reliable and stable.

Suzuki Vitara 2022.

With cars of this brand, it is extremely rare for any surprises to happen.

The second advantage of the owners call the highest cross-country ability. On the background of most compact crossovers, this option looks like a full-fledged SUV.

At last, the third undoubted advantage of Suzuki Vitara is the fuel consumption. Thus, the car spends about 8,5-9 liters within the limits of a city, and on a freeway this parameter decreases to 6 liters.

Suzuki Vitara 2022.

How to find disadvantages?

It has long been said, and in the case of the Vitara crossover it is confirmed that the models from the manufacturer Suzuki have the highest reliability and have almost no negative feedback from owners.

Some disadvantages of the crossover include absence of rain and light sensors, and in recent years even budget models are equipped with such systems.

Individual motorists complain about not the best noise insulation of the crossover or cramped interior.

Suzuki Vitara 2022.

Is there anything that can be improved?

Of course, if you want, you can find a lot of other flaws in the design of the car, but in comparison with many competitors the cross is almost ideal.

Naturally, that during the future change of generations, the parket will receive even more modern systems of equipment, as well as improved quality of the interior finishing materials.

However, even the current version of the car is extremely reliable and stable, thanks to which, it is popular in the market.

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