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Suzuki Vitara 2023.

Suzuki Vitara 2023.

Suzuki Vitara 2023.

An alternative version of Suzuki Vitara 2023 has appeared in the Russian Federation. The crossover has received another engine and other options.

In our country there will be a new version of Suzuki Vitara 2023.

New specification crossover Suzuki Vitara 2023 is available for purchase in Russia.

The model gradually began to disappear from dealer centers of the Russian Federation, but official sales still go on.

To prevent shortage of Vitara parkettes on the Russian market, dealers decided to bring a batch of cars from the United Arab Emirates.

Dealerships have already started taking pre-orders for Vitara crossovers brought from the UAE.

However, the cars themselves are not in Russia yet. Cars will be brought to our country when enough applications for purchase, but it is reported that this should happen this year.

It is also important to understand that all brought cars are new and go to Russia directly from one of the Arab plants.

Suzuki Vitara 2023.

The price list for these car variations does not differ from the official Russian one. The minimum price is 2.7 million rubles, which is not much for such a high-quality parkette.

The characteristics of the Arab specification are slightly different from the Russian version of the model.

The car is powered by a 115-horsepower 1.6-liter motor.

Suzuki Vitara 2023.

The transmission is exclusively an automatic gearbox, which directs the traction to the front axle. Four-wheel drive variants dealers are not planning to bring yet.

Suzuki Vitara 2023.

It is worth noting that these cars are currently available in Russia only in showrooms in the Krasnodar region.

Suzuki Vitara 2023.

As for the configuration, only GLX is available here. In this configuration there are such options as parking sensors, engine start from the button, automatic activation of headlights and «wipers», as well as a panoramic sunroof and climate control for one zone.

This version of the car has its own disadvantages — the lack of any «warm» options. The fact is that in the UAE, customers just do not need them, and therefore they are never integrated into the list of equipment.

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