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Suzuki XL6 2022.

Suzuki XL6 2022.

Suzuki XL6 2022.

About two years ago, Suzuki made a rather serious upgrade of its compact 7-seat minivan XL6.

The car is built on the same platform as the most popular crossover of India, Vitara Brezza.

Probably exactly this «kinship» has made Suzuki XL6 the best minivan in the opinion of its owners.

Thus Japanese model is accessible at really low price: the equivalent of one million rubles is asked for it.

XL6 is the best family car in its segment. It is comfortable, spacious and stylish. This gives 20 km/l plus highway mileage with AC (speed 80-100 km/h).

Super comfortable car. The captain’s chairs in the middle row make it feel like absolute royalty. Driving the AMT is a pleasure both in the city and on the highway.

Good performance and the best car in this segment. So, in my opinion, you can go for the XL6.

Super smooth ride. Great infotainment system. Roomy for family trips. If I have to be picky, it’s the wheel size. Should have been at least R16.

Suzuki XL6 2022.

But the low price has caused some shortcomings that reduce the attractiveness of the Japanese model.

In particular, owners state that Suzuki XL6 becomes poorly controllable at speeds exceeding 100-120 km/h.

As for the car, the lack of driving comfort, the car shakes after 120 km/h, bumps on Indian roads because of the rear seats, inconvenience with LED lighting — the worst of all, needs to be improved.

Poor lockout function, poor LED display, good for joint family for local use, long distance driving in the car is not recommended.

Suzuki XL6 2022.

Great features. It beeps when you cross 80 and again 120. Reminds you of your seat belt, reminds you if your engine is on and the key is not in the car, reminds you of low fuel levels, and helps you navigate to the nearest gas stations.

The second comment indirectly testifies that Suzuki engineers are aware of such feature of XL6. That’s why they added alarm system, which warns about exceeding of allowed driving speed.

Suzuki XL6 is also equipped with moderately rigid suspension, which negatively affects the comfort when crossing off-roads or roads with pronounced defects.

Comfort is at an all-time high. Plenty of storage space. We can take up to 7 adults, including women. Good sound system (I’m an audiophile), tweak the EQ for better results.

This and a number of other similar comments reveal one peculiarity of this Japanese model, which became known only after its appearance on the market: in spite of its compact size, it has enough space inside.

By this, Suzuki XL6 stands out favorably against crossovers, which are sold at the same price.

Suzuki XL6 2022.

Moreover, the Japanese model looks more attractive than even the Toyota Innova Crysta, which costs about 1.6 million rubles.

Value for money, excellent comfort and the best car for the family. Good for long trips, nice and rich interior with big screen and music system.

Suzuki XL6 2022.

All good, but the rattling and rattling of the doors bothers me. I’ve owned it for almost a year now, and after 5,000 km the rattling of the doors and dashboard is very noticeable.

All in all, as the reviews show, Suzuki XL6 fully meets the asking price and is ready to offer something more than crossovers for a million rubles.

That is, the Japanese model can become the optimal budget car for family drivers.

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