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Crossover Ferrari SUV.

Crossover Ferrari SUV

Crossover Ferrari SUV. Currently, the automotive segment of luxury crossovers is gaining momentum. Already many motorists appreciated the elitism of the Bentley Bentayga (they would not have appreciated it for a price of 208,000 Euros), and some have already pre-ordered and in anticipation of the debut SUV from Lamborghini — Urus. In the foreseeable future, […]

Maserati Alfieri 2020.

Maserati Alfieri 2020.

Maserati Alfieri 2020. New Maserati Alfieri 2020 model year. About five years ago, at the Geneva Salon, Maserati pleased with its latest novelty — completely in the style of the brand. For that beauty, they took a shortened platform, one of the company’s latest engines at that time, and it was stated that they were […]

Porsche 718 GTS 2020.

Porsche 718 GTS 2020...

Porsche 718 GTS 2020. Review Porsche 718 GTS (Cayman and Boxster) — the price and characteristics of fast cars. Porsche 718 series in 2016 was unsuccessful. At that time, the developers installed on the Cayman (coupe) and Boxster (roadster) failed (in terms of sales) 2.5-liter turbo engines.

Audi RS5 2020

Audi RS5 2020

Audi RS5 2020 Audi RS5 2020: test drive the new version of the Coupe and Sportback from a series of fast cars Traditionally, after updating the A5 line, after a couple of months, the RS department rolls out its versions of the charged Coupe and Sportback 2020 model year.

Volkswagen Atlas 2020.

Volkswagen Atlas 2020

Volkswagen Atlas 2020. Volkswagen Atlas 2020: restyling of the crossover of the famous Teramont model in Russia (price and specifications). The Chicago car dealership was incredibly rich in surprises. One of them was the fresh restyling of a large crossover from Volkswagen — Atlas, which we are slowly selling under the name Teramont. The novelty […]

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