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BMW 5-Series 2016

BMW 5-Series 2016

BMW 5-Series 2016: the effect of restyling. The decision to release the next version of the BMW 5-series was made in the company due to a sufficiently high level of competition in this segment of the car market. Presentation of the new product is to improve the company’s position in the global automotive community. Now […]

Mercedes E-Class 2016

The debut of the updated Mercedes E-Class 2016. New car models, photos of new cars. Which car better? Mercedes E-Class model year 2016 has an elegant and attractive exterior. Technical specifications of the vehicle after restyling also deserve attention. The debut model is planned for 2016. Decision on start of production of the new Mercedes-Benz […]

Lexus RX 2016.

Lexus RX 2016. New car models, photos of new cars. As part of New York’s annual auto show debut of the fourth generation of the crossover Lexus RX. Among other car companies represented in the model range, Lexus RX is the most popular. According to statements by representatives of the company, the official start of […]

Audi A6 2016.


Audi A6 2016 — German quality and strict style. The company automaker Audi AG, it seems, completely satisfied with the way it looks brainchild. That’s why she decided not to make radical changes in the appearance of the model A6, and make only a «facelift». Internal changes are more significant, and look under the hood […]

UAZ Patriot 2016

UAZ Patriot 2016

UAZ Patriot 2016. UAZ «Patriot» has long been popular among Russian motorists, and one of the reasons for this attitude — a good quality for a reasonable cost. And given the fact that the manufacturer plans to modify an existing vehicle, it is no wonder that by the «patriots» expressed much greater interest than to […]

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