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Tesla Model 3 2017-2018.

Tesla Model 3 2017-2018

Tesla Model 3 — affordable electric car.


New electric car Tesla Model 3 2017-2018 model year — Photo & Video, price and packaging, specifications Tesla Model 3, the third model of Tesla Motors.

On the night of April 1, 2016 in the Design Center of the American company Tesla in California, the official premiere of the electric sedan Tesla’s new Model 3 from 3 Tesla goes on sale in early 2017 at a price of 35,000 US dollars.

This is not an April Fool’s joke the April, the new product will actually be sold at an affordable price, in contrast to the expensive models and Tesla Model S Tesla Model X. It is interesting that already collected more than 135,000 pre-orders for the new electric car.


The appearance of a new electric Tesla Model 3 produces a nice impression. New look attractive and stylish, sporty and dynamic, as befits a modern super cars.

Available LED headlamps, touches of LED daytime running lights in the front bumper, door mirrors with thin guide, touch doorknobs, severe body panels with charismatic ribs and vyshtampovki, large alloy wheels with low profile tires, domed roof line is easy to run to a compact stern, LED marker lights with 3D graphics.

It’s a shame, but the manufacturer does not specify the data on the external dimensions of the body trends, one can only assume that the Tesla Model 3 size body enters the European D-class.


Interior of a new electric vehicle is quite spacious and accommodate five people comfortably. Through the installation of an electric motor and batteries under the floor of the car, the linker and the designers managed to move forward the front panel and the first row of chairs, carved out extra centimeters to sit in the second row.

Interior design is very laconic, but that alone is worth the huge touch screen multimedia complex in the center console, with the help of which the management of all the main and auxiliary functions of the car.


In the basic configuration, Tesla Model 3, the manufacturer guarantees the presence of a multimedia system with a screen if the television, the glass dome roof, autopilot, climate control and a rapid charging system (of course, on the Supercharger stations).

The novelty has two trunk. The front will load several packages from the supermarket. But the rear more spacious, and if you fold the rear seats allow to carry a surfboard length of 213 cm.


Specifications of the new electric car Tesla Model 3 2017-2018:

five-seat four-door sedan will be produced in several versions, the initial and most affordable version for 35 thousand dollars on a single charge is able to overcome about 350 km, the dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 97 mph is less than 6. 0 sec.

The company plans to Tesla Motors in 2020 to produce at least 500,000 electric cars, most of which will come from the new Tesla Model 3. The main competitors for new products marketing companies have chosen the American representatives of big German trio — Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and Mercedes- Benz C-Class.

Tesla innovating in its flagship sedan Model S in 2016.
Test — drive the Tesla Model 3


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