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Tesla Model S 2021.

Tesla Model S 2021.

Tesla Model S 2021.

Tesla Model S 2021: new interior and super-powerful version of Plaid.
The Tesla Model S electric liftback debuted eight years ago and hasn’t changed much during its entire presence on the market, if you don’t take into account very minor improvements.

But now, finally, the model has undergone a full-fledged modernization, affecting the exterior design, interior and technology.

As a result of the update, the car got a new version of Plaid, which is equipped with three electric motors at once with a total output of over 1000 hp.

The production of the new five-door Tesla Model S 2021 will start very soon, and the cars will begin to go on sale until the end of February.

Tesla Model S 2021.

The starting price will be $ 79,990, which is how much the base Long Range, which replaces the Long Range Plus, will cost.

For the most expensive variations of S Plaid and S Plaid +, you will have to pay 119,990 and 139,990 dollars, respectively.

Innovations in interior design and layout

Outside, the model has not changed so much, but the changes made are revealed at a glance. Firstly, the electric car received new bumpers, on which there was no place for foglights.

Another innovation is the abandonment of chrome in favor of a dark decor — it is in this color that the edging of the side glazing, the molding on the trunk lid, and the door handles are executed. Well, and not without correction of the design of alloy wheels.

Tesla Model S 2021.

Metamorphoses in the interior are much more ambitious. The real surprise was the replacement of the classic steering wheel with a rectangular steering wheel.

It is equipped with touch buttons that duplicate the functions of the steering column switches, so there is no need for the latter.

The large center display on the front panel changed orientation from portrait to horizontal during the upgrade.

The screen has a size of 17 inches and a resolution of 2200×1300 pixels, compared to the previous display, it has better brightness and contrast.

The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster remains the same. The vents on the panel are disguised, and at the base of the console there are pads for wireless charging of two smartphones.

Rear passengers in the new Tesla Model S will be able to sit more comfortably thanks to the improved seats.

Tesla Model S 2021.

At their disposal they will have a folding armrest with cup holders and built-in wireless charging, as well as, mindful, their own multimedia screen.

Tesla Model S 2021 Specifications

The update also affected the technology of the electric car. More powerful motors and modified batteries were sent to the car. The family now includes the following versions:

Tesla Model S 2021.

Model S Long Range: recoil — 679 hp, acceleration time to 97 km / h — 3.1 seconds, maximum speed — 249 km / h, power reserve — 663 km (EPA cycle);

Model S Plaid: power — 1034 hp, acceleration — 1.99 sec., Top speed — 322 km / h, cruising range — 628 km;

Model S Plaid +: 1115 hp, spurt up to 97 km / h — faster than 1.99 sec., Mileage on one charge — 837 km.

The dynamic characteristics of the fastest modifications are relevant only when special rubber is installed on the car. It will be included in the complete set of liftbacks closer to autumn.

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