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Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022. The new Tesla Model X has turned out to be the fastest electric car: the characteristics of the updated crossover have been declassified in the network.

Documentation that discloses characteristics of the car, that belongs to the next model year, was placed in the network the day before.

As can be seen from the parameters indicated in the document, along with a review of the characteristics of the cooling system for the battery manufacturer has improved performance indicators of the electric motor.

Thus, if you compare the configuration of the Model X Long Range Plus current and next model year, you can find an increase in the declared power of the car’s engine by about 30%.

Previously the front axle motor gave 241 horsepower, and the rear one — 253 hp, but now these values reach 326 and 333 «horses», respectively.

Now acceleration up to 100 km/h the given version of a cross will reach for 3,8 seconds, and its maximum speed will make 250 km/h.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

In addition, the developers managed to reduce the weight of the battery by 14%, and the total weight of the car decreased by 4%. At the same time, the energy capacity of the battery is 13% higher.

As for the parameters for the most productive variation of the Model X Plaid, they are not officially declassified.

However, auto experts managed to find out the characteristics that the automaker will offer for the top version.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

It is reported that up to the first «hundred» parket will be able to accelerate in 2.5 seconds and its maximum speed indicator will be 262 km / h.

Thus, three-engine electrocross will be one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Tesla started delivering the upgraded Model X electric car with a «gorgeous» interior.

Tesla began delivering an upgraded version of the Model X electric car to its first customers.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

The cars were solemnly handed over to the new owners, with only three cars delivered.

YouTube even published a video of the «ceremony» of delivery. The video shows how the cars have an upgraded interior, which is assessed by enthusiasts as «magnificent».

This version of the Model X received a dashboard similar to the one already used in the upgraded Model S.

The main noticeable difference in the updated interior is the large windshield, which extends much further into the roof of the crossover than most cars.

Tesla Model X Plaid 2022.

All three upgraded SUVs that have reached buyers have turned out to be six-seat versions.

The redesigned Model X also has five- and seven-seat versions. The kit filmed in the video cost about $100,000.

Currently, order lead times for the Model X are significant, with the Long Range version scheduled for delivery in almost a year, in September 2022, and the Plaid a little faster, but also not soon enough, in July 2022.

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