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The new hypercar Chiron.

The new hypercar Chiron.

The new hypercar Chiron.

Brand Bugatti officially presented their new hypercar Chiron.
Bugatti Veyron, has long worn the proud status of the fastest production car, went into retirement: 11 years, was released 450 copies, the last of which — the special version Grand Sport Vitesse — sold for 2 million euros. 1200-strong W16 clocked a 1888 pound Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and a top speed hypercar was 410 km / h.


Now replace «Veyron» comes a new Bugatti — Chiron, which … is based on the old. Fundamental differences do not find — the «Chiron» the familiar «Veyron» vosmilitrovy engine, 7-speed preselektivnoy «robot», permanent four-wheel drive and a carbon-fiber monocoque.


But capacity increased to 1500 hp (Torque of 1600 Nm instead of the previous 1500), and therefore up to 200 km / h Chiron accelerates in 6.5 seconds, just 0.8 seconds faster.

The maximum speed has reached the value of 420 km / h. But the acceleration time to «hundreds» has not changed.

The most interesting thing is that on the exterior, «Chiron» Russian designer Alexander worked Selipanov! However, the future owners hypercar design, apparently, not too much care about not seeing the machine itself, the owners of millions of states (for the car asked EUR 2.4 million) left one hundred and fifty orders — almost a third of the claimed circulation of 500 copies.


In the near future Bugatti company can present a new supercar that will replace the Veyron model. According to unofficial data, the novelty can present this autumn at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Until now, the image of the new supercar, which was named Chiron, never appeared, but now journalists edition of Auto Bild managed to make the first footage with the new car.

Bugatti Chiron was seen during the driving test on the autobahn in Germany. All that can be said about the appearance Bugatti Chiron, is the fact that the car will receive a distinctive tail lights and rear wing, while maintaining the proportions of «Veyron».


However, the most interesting — it is a technical component. After all, according to preliminary information, the new car will get a 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine that will produce 1500 hp With such a gigantic power, top speed can reach 463 km / h and acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h — just 2 seconds.


By the way, it is expected that when the Bugatti Chiron will appear on the market, it will become one of the most expensive cars in the world — the price of new items should be more than 2 million euros.

Test drive the Bugatti Chiron


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