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The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022. Opel has recently carried out a large-scale modernization of the Mokka crossover, which is now sold exclusively on the European market.

Now the German manufacturer announced the imminent revival of the VXR brand, under which «charged» cars were produced until 2015.

The first car to be released with such a nameplate will be the electric Mokka-e. This will happen no earlier than 2022.

It is stated that the «charged» Mokka-e will become more productive even than the standard versions of the German crossover.

Note that this new product will be one of the few in the class that will receive such a modification (source).

In particular, the Volkswagen Tiguan today is not produced in a «charged» version with an electric motor.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

Little is known about the future German novelty. Probably, Opel will not make drastic changes to the technical part of the car.

Improving dynamic performance will partly be possible due to a slight change in the exterior. It is expected that the «charged» Mokka VXR will receive new 19-inch rims and a rear spoiler.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

The refusal to make significant changes is due to the fact that the body of the German model after the last modernization has a low coefficient of aerodynamic resistance.

This, in turn, had a positive effect on the acceleration dynamics and economy of the car.

In addition, a new front splitter, a bumper with an extended air intake and additional diffusers will be prepared for the Mokka VRX.

At the same time, changes are expected in the suspension and steering mechanism. In addition, Opel engineers can modify the electronics responsible for the crossover’s handling.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

The rest of the «charged» Mokka VRX will remain the same.

Recall that recently the basis of the German crossover is the French CMP platform, on which all the latest Citroen and Peugeot models are based.

The standard Mokka electric crossover is equipped with a single engine with a maximum output of 134 hp.

Together with it, a battery with a capacity of 50 kW * h is installed on the car, which provides a power reserve of 322 kilometers.

Note that after the «charged» Mokka-e, Corsa-e in a similar design should enter the market.

Vauxhall and sister brand Opel will finally bring back the VXR / OPC badge with a sportier version of the Mokka-e.

The new Mokka-e VXR 2022.

There are two years left until the release of the model. At first it may seem that manufacturers want to offer a hopeless alternative to the maneuverable Volkswagen T-Roc R and Hyundai Kona N, it seems that the new items will not receive more power.

We will introduce the VXR Mokka in early 2022. He will get an electric motor.

If you are asking about top speed and acceleration, there will be enough.

But we can improve productivity in other ways as well. So the same 134 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque from the electric motor, which is powered by a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery, is worth the wait.

On one charge, a car can cover 320 kilometers.

As for the changes, these could include retuned suspension and steering, as well as larger bumpers, a roof spoiler, new wheels, sports front seats, exclusive upholstery and special graphics for the infotainment system and digital dials.

Despite the modest changes, AutoExpress managing director of Vauxhall is confident that it will offer a higher level of performance than one might expect.

This is a powerful car in the noble sense of the word. This is not a car that confuses one of our competitors’ ST line, Norman clarified.

Electric supermini Corsa-e will receive VXR / OPC: there will be Vivaro-e and the next generation Astra.

The hot hatchback is expected to use a 300 horsepower plug-in hybrid powertrain, roughly 50 more horses than the VW Golf GTE.

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