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TOGG C-SUV 2022.

TOGG C-SUV 2021.

TOGG C-SUV 2022.

TOGG C-SUV 2022: Turkish electric vehicle claims premium status
The Turkish auto industry is widely advertising the first Turkish electric vehicle in a crossover configuration.

TOGG C-SUV 2022 is positioned as an affordable electric car with a modern body design and a comfortable interior for its category. The new model is presented in two modifications with a range of 300 and 500 km.

The design and equipment of the founder of the new model range were developed with the minimum participation of Italian specialists, so the electric car can be considered the result of the successful implementation of a Turkish corporate project.



TOGG C-SUV 2021. The body design of the electric car was created on the basis of European layout and design classics. The front side of the body captures attention:

• on the raised sidewalls of the embossed bonnet;

• stylish configuration of front optics units;

• on a massive chrome-plated perimeter of a rectangular decorative insert installed instead of a radiator grille.

The lower segment of the TOGG C-SUV 2022 model looks more familiar and somewhat trivial. In the field of view — vertical diffusers and a black grill of the ventilation duct, supplemented by L-shaped DRLs.

The layout is completed with a small body kit. The image of a stylish and dynamic car is formed by a large amount of stepped aerodynamic relief.

In the photos and videos in the side view, the new body shows:

• chrome decorative domed roof rails;

• tone harmonious contrast of silver frame and black plastic of window pillars;

• reverse view cameras mounted on massive brackets.

Less original and interesting design of the lower body segment. In the presence of a combination of ribbed and wave longitudinal profiles, rounded outlines of square wheel arches and decorative and protective sills.

TOGG C-SUV 2021.

In combination with the black gloss of the plastic skirt, the five-petal pattern of silver discs looks great.

The characteristic features of the crossover style are also visible in the aft layout. In the area of ​​attention is the spoiler of a panoramic tilted window, typical for European counterparts, and decorated with sections of lamps, an LED lintel, a chrome strip and corporate symbols, a tailgate.

In the first generation, the first Turkish electric car TOGG C-SUV 2021 is identified by the rounded sidewalls of the bumper, equipped with a curly protective plastic body kit.

The high assessment of the participants in the presentation will allow to postpone future restyling for an indefinite, but quite long time.


In the basic configuration of a fabric or top-end leather interior:

• multifunctional steering wheel;

• front panel with four digital displays that function as an instrument panel, command and technical, media and entertainment and information monitors;

• the central tunnel will receive a full set of comfort-forming options identical to European analogues.

The list of technical equipment and multifunctional on-board electronics will be supplemented by a modern multimedia complex, navigation systems and video surveillance of blind spots. In the top version, an autopilot is promised, at the initial stage until the second, and then the third level.

Electronic assistants and effective safety systems will be responsible for the safety of the electric vehicle at high speed.

TOGG C-SUV 2021.

The service of the front seats of the electric crossover promises elements of full-fledged lateral support and an expanded list of working adjustments.

The limited comfort of the rear sofa for three seats is compensated by a comfortable fit, a large amount of personal space, a reclining backrest and a folding armrest.

The body structure assumes a roomy trunk volume, which can be significantly increased by 2.2 times due to the partial dismantling of the rear seats.


Judging by the latest information, the external overall characteristics of the new items are as close as possible to full-size standards, the length of the center-to-center base provides excellent running, and the clearance height provides off-road characteristics.

The universal modular platform of our own design allows you to take advantage of the basic rear or top-end all-wheel drive. In the asset chassis:

• independent MacPhersonian suspension of the front and semi-independent torsion bar — rear axle;

• efficient operation of stabilizers and disc brakes;

• increased diameter of light-alloy wheels in relation to European counterparts.

The base model will receive an economical asynchronous electric motor with an output of 200 hp mounted on the rear axle.

The top all-wheel drive modification will receive two power units of the same type with a total capacity of 400 hp.

TOGG C-SUV 2021.

In the first solution, the test drive showed the dynamics of dialing the first hundred at the level of 7.6 seconds, in the second, this figure was reduced to 4.8 seconds.

The capacity of the battery of the electric car as standard provides 300 km of run, the top-end modification can cover a distance of up to 500 km without intermediate recharging.

Options and prices

There is no specific information in the information field. It can be assumed that the founder of the new lineup will be offered in at least two modifications, and the price of the base model will be formed at the level of 40 thousand dollars.


Even before the release of the new TOGG C-SUV 2021 model year, there were numerous rivals. Judging by the description, the Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace or Ford Mustang Mach-E class models will be able to compete with the new electric car.

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