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Toyota 4Runner 2023.

Toyota 4Runner 2023.

Toyota 4Runner 2023.

The updated Toyota 4Runner 2023 has many disadvantages.

However, with all the disadvantages the new Japanese car has a huge advantage — it behaves perfectly on the off-road.

The last year turned out to be very productive for Toyota in terms of updating SUV lineup.

Two models are popular on American market — Sequoia and 4Runner. At that the Sequoia was very much awaited, but the 4Runner has accumulated a lot of claims.

The main complaint is too narrow focus of 4Runner SUV. This car was created exclusively for off-road driving.

Hence some of its shortcomings compared to its competitors. In particular, high fuel consumption.

There are also some complaints about the modes of operation in urban conditions. This car was built on the basis of a truck, so the ride here is much tougher than on other modern SUVs.

Another feature is very high ground clearance. This is good for driving on rough terrain, but can cause difficulty getting into the car.

Also the 4Runner gets a higher price tag, but this is just due to the peculiarity of its design.

Toyota 4Runner 2023.

The main conclusion is that if you need a big car for city driving and occasional road trips, the Sequoia will be a priority. And the 4Runner is ready to become a real king of the road.

Despite the fact that Toyota 4Runner SUV is one of the long-timers of the Japanese company’s lineup, it sells surprisingly well in those markets where it is officially available.

Toyota 4Runner 2023.

Now the model is offered in the fifth generation, which debuted back in 2009 and it would seem that the manufacturer should release a new generation next year, but instead it is releasing a special version of the Toyota 4Runner 2023 40th Anniversary Special Edition.

The distinguishing feature of this version is the exclusive retro-style body paint color, making a reference to the models of the 1980s.

Toyota 4Runner 2023.

The special edition is available only in one SR5 Premium package, which features a traditional radiator grille with a large inscription of the brand name and a bronze number 40.

Bronze colors can also be found on the 17-inch alloy wheels.

Speaking about the interior of the SUV, we should note the presence of anniversary embossings on the headrests, exclusive floor mats, stitching on the seats and the gear selector in bronze.

A power sunroof is available as standard in this version. The list of on-board equipment includes blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, LED headlights including fog lights, and the Safety Sense package’s signature suite of safety systems.

Toyota 4Runner 2023.

Buyers can opt for a seven-seat cabin space option.

The Toyota 4Runner 40 Anniversary Special Edition is available exclusively with all-wheel drive system and a total of 4,040 such models will be produced, each of which will be marked with a license plate on the front passenger side.

If we break down the question of when there will be the sixth generation of the SUV, there is no official information about it.

However, it is said that the updated model will be built on the Hilux platform, which will reduce costs and speed up development.

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