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Toyota Aqua 2022.

Toyota Aqua 2022.

Toyota Aqua 2022.

Toyota Aqua 2022: second generation hybrid hatchback.

The premiere of the new (second) generation Toyota Aqua hybrid hatchback took place in Japan.

The form factor of the model has remained the same, while externally the five-door is notable for the wide «mouth» of the radiator grille and large teardrop-shaped headlights.

Interestingly, with the change of generations, the Aqua salon has become more traditional.

If previously the tidy was located in the center of the front panel, now it is located in front of the driver.

At the same time, the classic transmission lever has given way to a compact joystick located on the center console.

The new body of Toyota Aqua 2022 is built on the modular platform GA-B (a kind of TNGA architecture) and has a more rigid body and chassis, due to which increased driving comfort and reduced noise level are achieved.

The hatchback has almost the same dimensions as its predecessor.

The length and height of the car did not change — 4,050 and 1,695 mm, respectively, while the height increased to 1,485 mm (+ 30). The wheelbase now reaches 2,600 mm (+ 50).

Toyota Aqua 2022.

The Aqua is powered by a new hybrid unit that uses the M15A-FXE three-cylinder engine.

The latter is familiar to the new Yaris and replaced the 1NZ-FXE petrol four, which developed 74 hp. (111 Nm).

The new unit operates on the Atkinson economy cycle and produces 91 hp. (120 Nm).

It is helped by a new electric motor for 80 «horses» (+ 19) and 141 Nm of torque (- 28).

Toyota Aqua 2022.

An electromechanical variator is used as a gearbox, familiar from other hybrid Toyota.

Interestingly, the E-Four all-wheel drive system has become available for the first time for a gasoline-electric hatchback.

The latter is offered for a surcharge and implies the installation of an additional electric motor on the rear axle.

Depending on the configuration, the power of the latter is only 5.3-6.4 hp, and the torque is 52 Nm.

Toyota Aqua 2022.

Such an all-wheel drive system is designed to help the car when starting off on slippery surfaces, but as it accelerates, it becomes useless and turns off.

Toyota Aqua 2022 in the new body received a bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery, while the predecessor used a nickel-metal hydride battery.

The Japanese hatchback was the first production model with such a battery.

The new battery is said to use hydrogen in gaseous form.

Toyota Aqua 2022.

It has more compact cells (about 1.4 times), and it contains fewer elements. At the same time, it provides a higher level of energy exchange.

Plus, the 2nd generation Toyota Aqua boasts a new «Power +» driving preset, in which the maximum level of recuperation is achieved.

When activated, acceleration and deceleration can be controlled with a single pedal.

According to the manufacturer, the average fuel consumption of the new hatchback is only 2.8 l / 100 km (according to the WLTC cycle). This is 20% less than on a car of the previous generation.

The list of equipment for the basic five-door is represented by a household 100-volt outlet (according to the Japanese standard) for 1,500 watts and a single-zone climate control.

More expensive versions have a 10.5-inch multimedia, car parking, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping system.

Toyota believes in the success of the new Aqua, and in Japan alone they plan to sell 118,000 such cars annually.

The cost of the hatchback is already known — from 18,000 dollars (1.34 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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