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Toyota Avensis 2022.

Toyota Avensis 2022.

Toyota Avensis 2022.

Toyota Avensis 2022: the final update of the Japanese hit.

Toyota is notorious for unapologetically parting with models that fail to live up to its vision in some way.

Here, too, the 2022 Toyota Avensis, whose predecessors did not sell well, recently underwent its final restyling.

Presented in sedan and station wagon bodies, the novelty will be the «swan song» of the once-good, stylish and comfortable car.

The manufacturers promise that its price will be almost unchanged from the previous generation, and reliability and practicality will remain the trademark features of the car being prepared for retirement.


Even from the photos, you can see that the exterior is the model’s strong point.

Aggressive car adds streamlined silhouette lines, in which modern optics, relief and air intake elements are harmoniously integrated.

In general, the creators of the new model managed to keep a harmonious corporate style, diluting it with details of modern automotive fashion.

Squat front of the Toyota Avensis 2022 looks a little heavy, but at the same time retains the freshness of the oriental appearance.

The windshield, encased in thin struts, has increased the angle slightly, as has the hood lid, into which it transitions.

Toyota Avensis 2022.

The hood itself looks very brutal due to the relief elevation in the central part and a slight slope to the road.

Its complex shape is emphasized by pentagonal «ice» headlights with high-quality LED stuffing.

The headlights are visually connected by the thinnest strip of the radiator grille with wide chrome slats and a large brand emblem in the middle.

The dodger of the new body looks quite pretentious: it begins with a vertical chrome line, separating an additional slot to capture air into the underhood from the rest.

Below you can see the area under the registration plate, a trapezoidal insert for another air intake, side drop plates with stylish round fog lights, and visibly protruding aerodynamic skirt below, the lower edge of which is equipped with a protective plate.

The profile projection has a dome-shaped roof, the rear part of which is more rounded in the sedan and straight — in cars in the form factor «wagon».

The shape of the roof is emphasized by a line of small austere windows, assembled into a single figure by chrome strapping and separated by wide black plastic uprights.

Toyota Avensis 2022.

Below begins a smooth relief, resting in small wheel arches with bright rims, as well as slightly protruding sills.

Rounded mirrors on thin uprights and noticeably recessed door handles complete the look.

Stern of the car will differ markedly in the sedan and wagon, but it is planned and a lot of common elements.

These include set at a different angle medium-sized glass, slightly rounded and enlarged rear parking lights, as well as simple styling with smooth transitions in height, triangular fog lights and a small plastic insert in the center of the bottom.


Trim materials of the new Toyota Avensis 2022 model year has not changed much compared to the previous version: it is the same plastic, fabric, leather, and very little aluminum, but the fit of the details has become significantly better, as well as noise isolation — the car has become noticeably quieter.

The multimedia system gained new functions, and the seats became a little more comfortable, which should make travel over any distances a little more pleasant.

The design of the front end

Right in front of the driver is a chubby steering wheel, which provides a comfortable grip and is equipped with an abundance of additional keys on the side spokes.

Toyota Avensis 2022.

It practically does not overlap the dashboard, consisting of deep wells of tachometer and speedometer and separating them board computer with pleasant blue illumination.

Closer to the center, under the line of ventilation deflectors, you can find the touch screen of entertainment complex, auxiliary buttons and rather archaic block of climate control, which has moved down a little bit.

The central tunnel has a cup holder, organizer under the curtain, a fairly simple technical panel and a good armrest with an additional glove compartment inside.


According to the passport the car is five-seater, but it is most convenient to travel on it in four, as the central rear passenger will obviously be lacking space in the legs.

Each will have access to a comfortable seating configuration, covered with fabric or leather, and containing quite a quality filler.

The front row boasts comfortable lumbar-side support, heating and fine position adjustment with mechanical actuators.

On the rear sofa heating is available only as an option, but passengers will be able to use the multifunction folding armrest or slightly change the inclination of the back.

The novelty is perfectly designed for travel over any distances, which was confirmed during the test drive.

Technical characteristics

Engineers have prepared for Toyota Avensis 2022 both gasoline and diesel engines.

Among the first there is a 1.8-liter atmospheric engine with 145 horsepower output, and also turbo engines with 1.5-liter and two-liter capacity.

Toyota Avensis 2022.

Their power is 180 and 242 hp, respectively. Diesel units have the volume of 1,6 and two liters and generate 115 and 145 «horses».

Unfortunately, the novelty has not received a full drive. But the gearboxes: mechanics-six-speed, as well as «automat» with six or eight steps — have been slightly improved, which improved injectivity and reduced fuel consumption.

The totality of the named under-the-hood characteristics of the car will allow it to operate seamlessly in a variety of urban and highway driving conditions.

Options and prices

As before, the novelty is planned for sale in three suites, and the station wagon will be offered only in the middle, the rest are represented only by sedans.

The starting price of the novelty will start from 1.73 million rubles at the current exchange rate. The most expensive copies will exceed the mark of 2.5 million units of domestic currency.

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