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Toyota Camry 2018.

Toyota Camry 2018.

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Toyota Camry 2018. Concern Toyota in the face of the long-known, good-quality, beloved by many experts and amateurs of Japanese quality presented a conceptually new Camry.

What distinguishes the novelty from previous generations?


Toyota Camry

Expressive, catchy appearance.
Prospective equipment and prices are flexible, affordable, acceptable to the average consumer.
The cardinal design changes in the direction of brightness, aggressiveness. With a predominance of trends in the European automotive fashion, confirmed by spy photos.

For the design of the carrier part of the sedan used an extended platform TNGA, which is successfully used in the new hybrid Toyota Prius.
Toyota Camry model of 2018 in the new body is equipped with a set of innovative electronic navigation and autopilot systems. It is interesting enough to offer a super economical engine, which allows you to quietly «squeeze» up to 250 horsepower.

The model has acquired the status of a sophisticated Japanese business sedan. However, with prominent European accents. To date, he has practically mastered the most active market regions of the planet. Despite the fact that the premiere has already taken place, and the official release date for the network of mass merchants has already taken place.

Discussions about what Japanese manufacturers are trying to present are not ending today. Market experts pose a certain range of problems. They arose in connection with the release of the car in the light. During the presentation was announced affordable for every luxury.


Toyota Camry....

According to the plans of automobile dealers, the beginning of sales in Russia is timed for the summer of the coming year. It is in this aspect that the following are relevant to the car, which on the domestic catwalks in the complete set will cost about 1,900,000.00 rubles:

What’s new and really good is represented in the classic sedan.
Which segment of buyers may be interested in such a car.
What novelties did the Japanese offer, unlike previous models.

To fans of Toyota Camry 2018 all details will become known further.


Toyota Camry.

Appearance — «five plus».

The appearance of the new concept Toyota Camry can impress literally at first sight. The outline of the hood will attract the attention of connoisseurs, the reviews of fans already confirm the difference between the model and its predecessors, the novice has become powerful, sporty and even somewhat bold. So, about appearance.

The changes touched the radiator grille, which became narrower and decorated with chrome moldings.
Powerful modern air intakes are clearly visible in the photo, while the racks are given a slightly more elegant form.


Toyota Camry...

The side mirrors are massively enlarged, the viewing angle for the driver has increased.
There are no any pretentious and tasteless body decorations, not bearing a functional load.

Camry’s 2018 model year is the most acceptable option for those who prefer taste, appreciate efficiency and quality, prefer discreet style and grace. And this trend can be traced in everything — in elongated LED lights, solid car dimensions, high speed regimes and a significant increase in aerodynamic properties.
In the complex, technical characteristics allow us to talk about a new concept in the engineering industry of Japan.

Toyota Camry..

And how everything looks inside.

The car not only impresses with its appearance and amazing spacious interior. Japanese Toyota is getting closer to human intelligence. She almost becomes a thinking driver’s room.

As confirmed by the tests and test drive, conducted on autopilot. Cozy, comfortable interior, trimmed with genuine leather, gives a lot of pleasant impressions. Anatomically shaped armchairs with comfortable multifunctional armrests and headrests.

Surprise and the latest news about the onboard computer. Its options operate on the basis of a generated neural network, for example, the human CNS.

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