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Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022: a pseudo-sports version of the popular sedan.

In the course of the planned restyling of sedan Toyota Camry (XV70) has got a pseudo version of GR Sport, which has a number of differences from the normal version of the model.

The price of such a version ranges from 2,545,500 to 2,940,500 rubles.

Outside recognize the Toyota Camry Gear Sport 2021 can be recognized by the presence of a number of black components (for example, the bodies of the side mirrors). «Sports» four-door also has 18-inch wheels (on the regular version in the base rollers on 17″) and a spoiler on the trunk lid.

There are three body paint options for this car. Two of them are two-tone (with a black roof): it is white and red shades, and the third option is a completely black car.

The interior of the new Toyota Camry GR Sport is finished in leather with red contrast stitching.

Plus there are inserts of the same color directly on backs of seats.

It sets a sporty mood, plus there is a JBL audio system with 9 speakers, although the latter is also available in some other top-drawer variants.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

As for powertrains, in Russia you can order the 2021 Toyota Camry GR Sport sedan with two older engines — both are combined in tandem with an eight-speed Aisin automatic.

We are talking about the 2.5-liter atmospheric «four», which develops 200 hp and 243 Nm.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

With such engine, the sedan accelerates from a place up to a hundred in 8.7 seconds, developing speed up to the maximum 210 km/h.

Under the hood of the top version is a 3.5-liter V6 with 249 horsepower and 356 Nm of torque.

In this case, acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 7.7 seconds and the maximum speed reaches 220 km/h.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Note that the top variant has separate buttons for driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport), located next to the gear lever.

Since all of these «tricks» of the new Toyota Camry GR Sport reduces only to a decor, and any changes in terms of technology, then this sedan is going exactly the same as the standard version of the model.

With top V6 four-door has excessive power reserve for driving in a city, and on a freeway the power unit especially does not have to strain.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

In terms of handling the car shows excellent stability in a straight line, and fast corners is more than confident, tenaciously clinging to the asphalt.

The sedan has good steering feedback, and the suspension shows indifference to irregularities of all sorts, though taking into account the bigger 18-inch wheels, some imperfections of the road surface become noticeable.

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