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Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

Toyota Camry S-Edition: An inexpensive way to stand out from the standard Camry.

Sedan Toyota Camry V70 received a pseudo-sports performance «S-Edition», which differs from the usual versions of the model by a more aggressive exterior design.

Such a car has bumper trims with red accents, additional fine decor, as well as original 18-inch rims. The special version also received a black painted lower grille, side moldings, side mirror housings and a spoiler on the trunk lid.

Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

The car has full LED optics, while the taillights have black edging.

We are now accepting orders for the Camry in the new S-Edition, featuring decor and equipment nuances.

With prices starting at 2,104,000 rubles, this is not the most expensive version, but the fifth out of eight possible.

This sedan comes only with an aspirated 2.5 (181 hp, 231 N • m) and a six-speed «automatic». There is no need to pay extra for the Toyota Safety Sense safety complex and the Winter Comfort heating package.

The trims for both bumpers are enhanced with red accents. Somewhere on the body is the S-Edition emblem. The default is 18-inch two-color wheels. Optics — full LED.

Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

The two-tone color combines white «mother-of-pearl» with black «metallic».

On the dark side were the grille, roof, pillars, exterior mirror housings, door moldings and a spoiler on the trunk lid.

However, the S-Edition sedan can be completely black.

By default, the Toyota Camry S-Edition is offered with a black body, but the car can also be ordered in a two-tone version, where the lower part is painted in white mother-of-pearl, and the upper part is in black metallic.

Of the interior features, it is worth noting the «leather» seat upholstery with red accents and the same red stitching, which can be seen on the dashboard and center armrest.

Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

Leather trim with red accents and stitching are the hallmarks of the S-Edition in the interior. The rest is included in the previous Elegance Safety package for 1,951,000 rubles.

It is reported that the Toyota Camry S-Edishn was created on the basis of the «average» configuration Elegance Safety, the equipment of which includes a rear-view camera, a multimedia system, heated seats and steering wheel, as well as a set of electronic assistants Safety Sense 2.0.

The sedan is powered by a standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 181 hp. You can buy a new Toyota Camry S-Edition for 2,104,000 rubles, which is 153,000 rubles. more expensive than the standard car Elegance Safety, while the option with a two-tone body paint will cost another 35 thousand more.

Toyota Camry S-Edition 2021.

Among other things, the Camry first got the T-Mark anti-theft identifier, announced two years ago.

Since January, the company has been using it in all Camry trim levels and RAV4 SUVs in our country.

Other Toyotas will have to wait for such protection. Finally, we note that the S-Edition is being promoted as «the most daring version of the model in the history of Russia.»

In 2020, the sedan found 34,017 owners with us (+ 1%).

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