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Toyota Corolla Cross 2021.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021 is a new crossover similar to the Toyota C-HR and RAV4.
In early July, a presentation from Toyota took place in Thailand. With the Corolla nameplates, not a traditional sedan was presented, but a branded crossover. According to the manufacturer, the novelty should fill the gap in the lineup and stand between the C-HR and RAV4.

What does the Corolla have to do with it. The new SUV borrowed only the interior from Teska. Everything else is miniature casts of the older RAV4, and the platform is completely borrowed from the younger C-HR.

So the Corolla Cross has nothing remarkable. Nevertheless, there are makings for good sales, so it is worth considering the new product more closely.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021

Technical stuffing

Crossover Toyota Corolla Cross is built on the branded modular TNGA-C trolley. This already suggests that the Japanese are rolling out another hybrid. And so it turned out. The new SUV will be produced in two versions of technical equipment: in a petrol version with one engine and gearbox version, and in a hybrid configuration. But first things first.

One variant of the GA-C includes a MacPherson independent front suspension and a torsion beam at the rear. The drive is presented only for the front axle. Also included are electric power steering and disc brakes in a circle.

The simple version of the SUV gets a 1.8-liter petrol «aspirated» 140 hp. at 175 Hm. It is paired with a variator.

The hybrid package is also equipped with the same engine, but the power is reduced to 98 hp. at 142 Hm. But this nuance is compensated by the 72 hp electric motor sewn into the front axle. at 163 Hm. Pair-to-pair comes with an e-CVT transmission.

More about the new product plainly nothing was said and was not. But as we can see, Toyota again focused on the simplicity of the design, for which the sedan of the same name was so famous.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021

Onboard equipment

It was noted at the presentation that the Toyota Corolla Cross received a richer package than the sedan.

There are:

Passive systems ABS, EBD, ESP, HAC, BAS, IPA;
Front and rear parking sensors;
Blind spot monitoring;
2-zone climate;
Advanced multimedia system with USB ports;
7 airbags;
Rain and tire pressure sensors;
Heated and ventilated electrically adjustable seats.

Also included is a 2nd generation adaptive cruise control with lane tracking, automatic speed control in the stream, recognition of road signs, pedestrians and cyclists, and driver status check.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021

Body and dimensions

To save fuel, the Japanese decided to take the path of lightening body elements. Not at the expense of security, of course. Therefore, the body is stamped from a lightweight alloy of steel and aluminum. They also assure of excellent aerodynamics, but the coefficient was not announced.

As for the design, as expected, the cross has nothing to do with the sedan. On the contrary, it looks more like a smaller copy of the RAV4. The same powerful form of the radiator grille, the strokes of the head optics, a rather similar stern and convex fenders.

But about the profile on the Web, jokes have already appeared about the similarity of the new item with the Lada X-Ray. Stamping does have common features, but, of course, the models have never touched in their history.

Due to the fact that the Corolla Cross is built on the same bogie as the CH-R, the cars have the same wheelbase. But the length is different because of the overhangs.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2021


As already mentioned, the SUV’s interior is unified with the sedan. The cross received a general architecture from the donor, but the materials of the cladding and the color scheme are different here. Plus here the touchscreen of the multimedia system is increased to 9 inches. Also in the arsenal is already a traditional virtual dashboard.

Normally, Corolla Cross gets leather upholstery for the torpedo, seats and door cards, sports buckets in the front and a two-, if desired, three-seater sofa in the back with a folding armrest. On the central tunnel, two cup holders and a niche for small things under the torpedo were also left.

The volume of the luggage compartment is not as good as we would like. Small overhangs and a short wheelbase have limited the space behind the sofa to 440 liters.


For the new crossover, Toyota sees competitors only in the face of the Korean car industry — Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson.
At the same time, in a similar price category are: Skoda Kodiaq, Subaru Forester, Mazda CX-5 and Nissan X-Trail.

Price and start date

The primary sales market will be Thailand, where the Corolla Cross was presented. He will also gather there. The start of sales was announced for the fall of 2020. But at the expense of other countries, everything is not clear.

At the presentation, the representatives of the concern said that the SUV will be sold only in Asia, while other authoritative publications give information that the cross will be presented in all markets except the United States. So, perhaps, it will also appear in the Russian open spaces, but not earlier than the summer of 2021.

As for the price, the cost of the gasoline configuration is still known. Translated into rubles, Thais will be able to purchase a novelty for 2.1 million rubles.

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