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Toyota Fortuner 2021.

Toyota Fortuner 2021.

Toyota Fortuner 2021.

Toyota Fortuner 2021 — the most affordable Japanese SUV in a new body.
In 2017, one Russian car observer called Toyota Fortuner a car of the kind “they don’t carry us,” but in 2018, the Japanese drew attention to the need of Russians for cheap SUVs and sent us about 4,500 units, which scattered like hot cakes.

True, the logistics intervened a little in the plans and then our motorists had to wait 2 years for the manufacturer to be able to make a full-fledged delivery.

To coincide with this matter, it was decided to release an updated model. Restyling turned out to be quite interesting, as the local engineers seriously worked on the chassis and comfort.

It’s worth mentioning here that Toyota makes a good bet on our market, as it will offer a “winter package” especially for Russia (judging by the sales market). What will be the long-awaited Fortuner in the end, below.

Toyota Fortuner 2021.


It is important to note that the SUV is unified for many technical aspects with the Hilux pickup truck, the restyling of which was shown at the same presentation. So the Toyota Fortuner of 2021 is similarly going on the IMV frame platform, which has long earned the status of not being killed.

Regarding the design features, it is worth noting that the pickup truck was thoroughly redesigned, which is likely to have affected Fortuner.
In particular, the changes affected shock absorbers, silent blocks and stabilizer settings. You also need to keep in mind that in the production of Fortuner springs are not used. Instead, a spring-dependent suspension with a rigid beam is used. But in front you can observe the same independent configuration on double wishbones.

Regarding the remaining structural elements, the kit includes a default four-wheel drive, power steering, disc brakes with ventilation on each wheel, a classic hand-held parking brake, a vertically adjustable steering column and a 6-speed automatic transmission.
So far, you can only guess about the motor range. The manufacturer did not announce which units will be presented on the Russian market, however, it issued a complete list of all the options that will occur depending on the market.

Toyota Fortuner 2021.

But if you look at a classmate represented by a pickup truck, where the motor range for Russia is already known and compared with the announced units, we can assume that the new product will receive three engine options:

1.4 liter 150-hp turbodiesel at 400 Hm with in-line 4-cylinder architecture and direct injection;
2. A similar but 2.8-liter turbodiesel, which was previously offered with a return of 177 hp, will now produce 204 hp. at 500 Hm;
3. 7-liter gasoline aspirated 163 hp at 243 Hm (also in-line for 4 cylinders).

In other markets, it will also be possible to meet a 3-liter turbodiesel and a 3.9-liter aspirated from Prado.
Regarding the dynamics, it is known that an SUV with 204 forces on board will consume 8.6 liters of diesel fuel, accelerate to hundreds in 10.6 seconds and reach the mark of 180 km / h.

It is also worth noting that now there are three options for movement settings (previously there were 2): Eco, Normal and Sport.
As for the on-board equipment, everything is fine here. In the top configuration there are:

Heated front row of seats, steering wheel, side mirrors and rear window (the latter with dimming);
Electric front seats (6 positions), side mirrors and fifth door;
Central locking and keyless entry into the cabin;
Electrical package and USB-connectors on each door;
Glove box cooling;
6 airbags;
Mount for child seat;
Cruise and climate control;
Tire pressure sensor;
Parktronic rear and all-round camera;
Multimedia with support for mobile interfaces, 7-inch touchscreen and 6 speakers;
On-board computer with a 4.5-inch screen and immobilizer.

The dry weight of the SUV will be 2215 kg. Fortuner can take on board up to 520 kg, which is somewhat puzzling, given the 7-seater saloon.

Toyota Fortuner 2021.


The new body, which is not at all new, has retained its dimensions and recognizable silhouette.

The front part is expectedly corrected, the diameter of the rims is increased and the optics and dimensions are replaced, which, by the way, are now exclusively LED even in the basic configuration.

The clearance of the updated Toyota Fortuner SUV remained unchanged — 225 mm, which, taking into account the length of the overhang at the edges, allows taking ramps of 29 degrees.

Also, one cannot fail to note the strange marketing move of the Japanese. At the presentation, another, top-end equipment was presented, which for some reason received a separate name Legender.

It can be easily recognized by the more premium front part, similar to the Lexus LX, the presence of dynamic direction indicators, the mass of the decor, painted in black and 20-inch wheels.

Toyota Fortuner 2021.


Salon equipment has already been given above. The only thing worth mentioning is that the Legender filling includes a touchscreen increased to 9-inches and +3 speakers for “music”. Plus, it installs contour interior lighting, wireless charging and full leather trim.

Speaking about the interior of Fortuner, I would like to pay more attention to the layout of the cabin, since the architecture of the torpedo and the central tunnel is nothing interesting. As already mentioned, there are 7 seats, respectively, there are three rows, where the last sofa is 2-seater.

Behind him in the luggage compartment is only 297 liters of volume, which for long trips is completely unacceptable. Therefore, the sofa here is divided into separate chairs, folding which the owner gets 620 liters, and if you fold the backs of the second row (all separate) you get 1950 liters.

In addition, it is reported that the interior is calibrated so that even in the back row, people with a height of 190 cm and more are quite comfortable.


Toyota is positioning Fortuner as a cheaper alternative to Prado, so for the indicated price for the basic configuration, the competitors see only the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, with which the new product has enough similarities, both in terms of technology and equipment.

Price and sales start date

Sales will start from Thailand, where the SUV will be assembled. In the Fortuner stores there, it will be possible to feel it already in August 2020.

In Russia, the novelty will appear only by the end of the year. Interestingly, the price tag in our market will be 10% lower than in the country of assembly, which once again raises the idea of ​​priority.
For the base, the Japanese will ask for 2.5 million rubles., And Legender will cost 4 million.

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