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Toyota GR Supra 2023.

Toyota GR Supra 2023.

Toyota GR Supra 2023.

Now it’s official — the Toyota GR Supra 2023 will get a manual transmission.

The company has confirmed this by posting photos of what the pedals of the new sports car will look like.

After delivery of the updated GR Supra to dealerships, a barrage of criticism fell upon the manufacturer.

All were perplexed, so why the model has only automatic gearbox?

Now the brand decided to make it up to the fans and announced a version with a «manual». The GR Supra with manual transmission will soon become a reality and not just a dream.

Autoconcern has already started work on this upgrade, which means that very soon it will be possible to buy the new model.

Information about the release of «mechanical» appeared a month ago, but official confirmation received only recently. As for the model itself, it was created by Toyota together with BMW.

According to the technical characteristics, it can be compared with the Z4, which is already available on the market and originally has both types of transmissions.

Toyota GR Supra 2023.

The prayers of Toyota customers have been answered. Of course, no one is giving an exact timeline, but most likely, it won’t take long to launch.

This means that very soon it will be possible to enjoy the updated version of Supra with the usual manual gearbox.

Except that the transmission itself will be a completely new development, so it is not clear what to expect.

Purely automatic version has got a lot of opponents, they just refused to buy the model.

Therefore the Japanese have decided to apologize to such people and release the long-awaited «mechanics».

Toyota GR Supra 2023.

Also a unique Supra badge awaits the version. It will be interesting to see if such a novelty will help Japanese brand to raise sales of the new GR Supra.

In 2021, the company had record low sales figures for its model.

Toyota Supra 2023 will presumably get a manual transmission.

If rumors are to be believed, the Japanese Toyota Supra sports coupe version of the 2023 model year, equipped with a six-cylinder engine, may get a manual transmission. The official press release about it will allegedly appear on April 28.

The only transmission you can get in the new Toyota Supra is an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Toyota GR Supra 2023.

There have been rumors of a manual model since it debuted, and they’ve never gone away.

Toyota did not comment on such rumors back in January, but a new leak has added more evidence that future Supra owners may be able to order the car with a manual transmission starting in 2023.

Screenshots posted on social media supposedly confirm the release of a similar version of the coupe, and also include important details and dates. As always, such things need a healthy dose of skepticism.

The images show that only the 2023 six-cylinder Supra will offer a six-speed manual transmission.

The four-cylinder models will still only offer an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota offering a manual transmission with the six-cylinder engine will help differentiate it from its stablemate BMW, which is only available in some markets with a manual transmission.

Toyota GR Supra 2023.

And even then, BMW only offers it for the base model with four cylinders. What would stand out would be the six-cylinder Supra with a manual transmission.

Toyota is also expected to offer a special Matte White Edition model with a manual transmission, an exclusive white body color and an exclusive brown leather interior.

The Matte White Edition will also offer wireless charging and USB ports, and it will cost 550,000 yen or 506,990 rubles at the current exchange rate compared to the standard six-cylinder model.

The Supra with the six-cylinder engine starts at $51,640 or 5,464,028 rubles.

If the images are accurate, we can’t wait long to hear about the new model.

The official press release will allegedly be published on April 28, and production of the model will start in Austria this July.

Dealers will begin receiving models with manual transmissions in October, and they will go on sale the same month.

Toyota has stated that the Supra will be updated every year, and the addition of a manual transmission will be a big update.

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