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Toyota GranAce 2020.

Toyota GranAce 2020

Toyota GranAce 2020.

Toyota GranAce 2020 — an advanced version of the Hiace minivan in a new body.
In 2019-2020, the guys from Toyota decided to please all fans of minivans by rolling out new models almost every 3 months.

At first they showed restyling of Hiace, by the end of spring Granvia left the assembly line, in a couple of months Majesty and at the end of October another minibus was preparing to leave — Toyota GranAce 2020.

It is worth noting that all the minivans mentioned have a rather small difference. All of them were built on the basis of the sixth generation of Hiace and are designed for different markets.

In the case of Granace, the minibus is intended for the Japanese buyer, but there are rumors that Toyota bosses do not exclude the possibility of delivering a “home” model to the Russian market.

Toyota GranAce 2020


There are almost no differences in technical parameters. Greater emphasis was placed on the interior and appearance of the minibus. So, like Hiace customers, the GranAce 2020 has a 2.8 liter diesel engine with four cylinders and turbine support.

There is a choice of two forcing options:
1. One for 156 hp and 420 Hm;
2. The second at 177 hp and 450 Hm.

True, in terms of transmission, there is no choice in the Japanese version yet. Granace buyers will be offered only a 6-speed automatic. The drive goes to the rear wheels.

The main difference between the new items concerned the suspension. If springs are installed at the donor at the rear, then Toyota GranAce received springs with a threaded bridge at the rear and MacPherson struts in front.

Toyota GranAce 2020

The manufacturer emphasizes that the minivan will be equipped with a proprietary security system that will provoke independent braking when an obstacle is detected. In addition, the new Safety Sense version detects pedestrians and cyclists. True last only in the afternoon.

Although this is no longer mentioned, it is worth clarifying that in the basic configuration there is already cruise and climate control, a multifunctional steering wheel, heated seats and ventilation. The difference with the donor is also observed in multimedia.

A richer version was chosen here, where Smart Device Link and support for mobile services are already in the database.


In appearance, all the aforementioned minivans differ only locally and Granace is no exception. As usual, you can observe the difference in the zone of optics and decorative elements of the radiator grill.

In addition, the novelty has acquired its own original pattern of rims, and for an extra charge you can get low-profile tires.

The front end was high. LED optics is rather intricate, however, the same can be said about the design of the radiator grille with many chrome elements. The bottom is pretty standard.

Toyota GranAce 2020

A pair of foglights on the sides and a small diffuser in the middle. Side differences between the «family» is not observed. Behind the Toyota GranAce 2020 also received an interesting design of dimensions, but otherwise all the elements are donor.

Unlike Hiace, GranAce is not designed for unitary transport, so you should not expect extended versions with a high roof here.

The only manufacturer will offer a more spacious interior layout.
The dimensions of the minibus for its class are pretty standard:
length — 5300 mm,
width — 1970 mm,
height — 1990 mm,
wheelbase — 3210 mm.


As already mentioned, the passenger minivan will be presented in two versions — with three (for 6 passengers) and four (for 8) rows of seats.

In the latter version, the fourth row is represented by a sofa, and the rest by separate armchairs. Each armchair received separate armrests and footrests, so traveling over long distances in this minibus is not a problem.

In addition, Granace received LED lighting throughout the cabin, leather trim seats and torpedoes as standard, new wood panels.

Otherwise, the location of the dashboard, the design of the dashboard, functional door cards, the central tunnel, etc. completely repeat the design of the sixth-generation Hiace.

Toyota GranAce 2020

Price and sales start date

Now in the Russian car dealerships you can find only the sixth generation of Hiace, which served as a donor for GranAce. The price of the basic configuration is 3,043,000 rubles.

How much it will cost and when Granace goes on sale is still unknown. Most likely this information will be voiced at the official presentation of the minibus in Tokyo at the end of October.

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