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Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

The updated Toyota Highlander cross from China has become available on the car market at a price of 5 million rubles.

A position in the model range of the Japanese automaker Toyota has appeared on the car market — the Highlander crossover, which was produced specifically for the Chinese car market.

Car dealers across the country have already begun selling a hybrid version at a price of 5 million rubles or more.

The updated cross boasts three rows of leather-trimmed seats.

Also, the company did not ignore the active safety systems, which are enough in this new product.

At a cost of 5 million rubles, the new Toyota Highlander can be purchased on the Krasnodar market, while in Omsk, a car with seven seats and improved functionality is estimated at 5.6 million rubles.

As for Samara, the updated cross is exhibited there in the Limited variation.

From the equipment it is worth noting: 360-degree cameras, heated and ventilated seats, the presence of a sunroof and adaptive cruise control.

Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

The hybrid novelty is offered at the Samara car market at a price of 6.6 million rubles.

The highest cost was set by a dealer center from the Moscow region.

So, the price for a car with a 3.5-liter gasoline power unit capable of producing a return of 295 «horses» is set at 7.1 million rubles.

Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

The Toyota Highlander is a high-end SUV that is sought after by buyers for its spaciousness, comfort and features for safe and enjoyable driving.

Although the new model is designed for Chinese motorists, this crossover will also be of interest to Russian motorists, especially due to its convenience and functionality.

Toyota Grand Highlander is announced as a large, powerful and spacious car.

Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

Despite the fact that the standard version also has a three-row design, the novelty will be an ideal option for traveling and as a family.

By the way, the name was patented in the USA and Canada last year.

At the same time, company representatives focused on the fact that the model would be presented at the beginning of 2023.

As you can see, the deadlines are still fully met.

Toyota Grand Highlander 2024.

As for the published teaser, here you can also see a nameplate with the inscription «Hybrid Max».

Most likely, this suggests that just such a transmission option will be available for the crossover.

By the way, a similar power unit has already been used for the new Crown.

So, it uses a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in conjunction with two electrical units.

The result is a return of 340 hp. What characteristics the Toyota Grand Highlander will receive is still unclear.

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