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Toyota Highlander 2020.

Toyota Highlander 2020

Toyota Highlander 2020.

During the time of its presence in the Russian auto market, the car managed to acquire its own fans. It is especially pleasing that the concern produces cars in the family crossover segment; few models are presented in this segment of the market. Because many are waiting for the new Toyota Highlander 2020 body.

Car enthusiasts are waiting for the updated Highlander with hope — the restyled version presented in April 2019, many liked the updated exterior design. Toyota used to lose to rivals due to the design of the radiator grille, the owners did not attach any importance to this, paying more attention to the comfort of the cabin, technical specifications. But on forums on the Internet, design was considered controversial.

After restyling, the updated exterior looks much more dynamic and elegant — the head optics are in harmony, the grill is beaten perfectly, it no longer seems like a “bulldozer bucket”. The front view has acquired its finished shape — the 2019 Toyota Highlander model, in terms of design, looks like a new car. And elegantly inscribed fog lights, a separate find.

Toyota Highlander 2020

Exterior design

It is worthwhile to dwell on the updated design in more detail, the appearance of the machine has changed so radically. Now this is not a calm family full-size crossover, rather an elegant sports car. The lateral projection of the body and its contours have not changed much. However, they began to look more dynamic. Changes that seem subtle, radically changed the perception of the car.

Streamline in the lines is not only a more pleasant visualization, first of all, such body lines improve the behavior of the car on the track, affect the speed characteristics. The exterior design is not in vain updated, most likely the new Toyota Highlander 2020 will have a different handling. Someone considers the work of designers unacceptable luxury, but real motorists know — aerodynamics are important. Especially when it comes to car behavior at speeds above 100 km / h on the highway and when overtaking.

In addition to this, of course, the view itself — no one has yet canceled the concept: «I liked the machine, so I bought it.» Highlander family, full-sized crossover, the choice of such a car is often done in conjunction with his wife. And for women, appearance is important. So that harmoniously and elegantly looking new Toyota gets extra points for designer finds.

Toyota Highlander 2020.

Interior Features

Updates will affect the interior, not in such a radical edition as the external design, but there are changes. Although there is not much difference — no one has complained about interior design before. On the contrary, just in terms of comfort and spacious passenger location, Highlander outperformed its competitors. But restyling should change the familiar to the innovative. So there are nuances, small changes.

Key features of interior design:
on the dashboard, a tachometer, speedometer and on-board computer display;
center console with climate control display;
three-spoke steering wheel, multifunctional;
seats, with the ability to adjust parameters;
multizone climate system;
five USB sockets;
media system with powerful sound;
interior lighting in the background.

We note a particularly sufficient number of different niches to accommodate small things. Improved ergonomics of the driver’s seat. But there are controversial «new products» — as they added one passenger seat, now the new Toyota Highlander 2020 model, with full load, can take seven passengers. In addition to the driver himself. Trunk volume has become 456/1150/2076 liters. Volume changes as the rear rows of passenger seats fold.

Toyota Highlander 2020...

New items presented by the manufacturer

Fundamental changes: Toyota Highlander 2020 new model, «moved» to a new modular platform. TNGA-K with fully independent suspension: front pillars familiar to McPherson drivers, rear multi-link. Stock equipment is front-wheel drive, but at a surcharge for a wider range of option packages, an all-wheel drive option is presented, with the function of connecting the rear axle clutch. At the same time, the car increased, became 60 mm longer. Now the new model can rightfully be called a fellow RAV 4 and Camry.

The introduction of individual multi-plate clutches on the rear wheels made it possible to implement thrust vector control. The electronic Multi-Terrain Select system will help the driver change against towing settings. An important function on Russian roads, the quality of the coatings of which, so far, does not always meet the standards.

There are rumors about an engine installed on a novelty in the Japanese auto industry, especially about the power plant of the claimed hybrid. But the leaked information suggests that there will still be the same motor, in conjunction with a six-speed automatic or eight-speed automatic transmission.

The full list of innovative solutions applied when updating the Toyota Highlander dated April 17, 2019, presented in New York:

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 system, with a complete list of «driver assistants»;
platform changes resulting in a suspension type change;
cardinal updating of exterior design;
replacing discs from 18 ′ to 19 ′; when choosing a complete set — 20 ′;
expanding the functionality and ergonomics of the driver’s seat;
driver’s seat installation, with a memory function and a wide range of individual settings.

Toyota Highlander 2020..

Configuration and price Toyota Highlander 2020.

Previously, in dealerships of official Toyota dealers in Russia, three different configurations were presented. After the update, the order has not changed — Toyota Highlander 2020 in stock configuration, starts at a price of $ 42,000. Initial

The package includes the following option packages:
climate control;
electric driver’s seat;
optics with LED optics;
Safety Sense 2.0 system — adaptive cruise control;
“Lane retention” and reading of traffic signs;
auto braking system;
media system with an 8-inch display.

This is a good option for a very reasonable price. Given that in the presented segment of the Russian automotive market, there are few models of a full-size family crossover.

Compared to competitors, today Toyota is truly a dream. Value for money is most optimal.
In addition, the brand is the safest car because of the set of safety options in the starting configuration.

The title of safe is confirmed by reviews of real car owners. Characteristics given by real owners should be valued above advertising slogans.

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