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Toyota Highlander 2022.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

Sales of the updated Toyota Highlander 2022 crossover model year have started in the Russian Federation.

Russian car dealerships have started accepting applications from those who want to buy an updated Toyota Highlander 2022 crossover.

A number of options of this novelty can be remotely controlled by phone.

In Russia the concern from Japan has opened the order book for an updated Highlander 2022.

Cost of the crossover starts from 4 million 154 thousand rubles for execution «Prestige». More expensive version «Lux Safety» novelty is estimated in 4 million 746 thousand rubles.

After updating the crossover acquired service Toyota Connected Services, so now the owners of foreign cars can control the model from a smartphone at a distance from the foreign car.

Highlander is equipped with a data transfer module with a built-in sim card.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

This allows to combine the capabilities of mobile Internet, telematics, as well as cloud data storage.

The new Connected Services service will help find the foreign car at the parking lot and create a route to it.

Also the program can analyze your trips. In particular, the technology is able to remember and analyze information about the duration of routes, mileage, and average speed.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

In addition to the branded telematics, the crossover boasts a new body color called «White Pearl». The list of features added electric passenger seat of the first row, which will help adjust it in eight directions.

The novelty is on sale in Russian showrooms with only one petrol unit V6 with a working volume of 3.5 liters with 249 hp and 353 Nm. The unit functions in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system.

Toyota Highlander 2022.


The 2022 Toyota Highlander is recognized as one of the safest cars of today.

The Japanese model provides a high level of protection for passengers and driver, as well as pedestrians in the event of a collision with the latter.

According to the results of the crash-test the crossover was given the highest mark in all tested disciplines.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

In particular, the Highlander protects the driver and front passenger from the risk of injury in a frontal impact with a 90 percent probability.

Such a high level of safety is largely due to the powerful power design of the front of the body.

In side collision the car protects the rear passengers with 88% probability.

Also the experts who conducted the crash-test gave high marks to the built-in safety systems.
They are efficient in 82% of cases.

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