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Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

Toyota introduced a new fourth-generation Highlander 380T with upgraded all-wheel drive: the price was named.

Evening of August 10 in China has been officially presented a brand new fourth generation Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

The car has three configurations with a recommended retail price of 314,800-344,800 yuan (approx. 2,873,000-3,147,000 rubles).

Compared to the previous hybrid version, the new car does not show the blue-lit logo.

The main differences of the fourth generation Highlander 380T are concentrated in the power part and drive.

The new car for the first time is equipped with an imported TNGA 2.0T engine, combined with a Direct Shift-8AT transmission.

The engine has a power limit of 182 kW (247 hp) and maximum torque of 380 N*m.

Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

Power performance is significantly improved over the third-generation Highlander 2.0T, and fuel consumption in integrated conditions is only 8.7 liters per 100 km.

The entire line of Highlander 380T is equipped with dynamic vector all-wheel drive DTV as standard.

Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

It offers a host of benefits, such as a more stable launch, more flexible cornering, faster collision avoidance and more economical performance.

Depending on road conditions, front and rear drive torque can be distributed in more than just a 100:0-50:50 ratio.

It can be intelligently adjusted between 0:100-100:0 to the left and right sides.

Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

Based on this, it also provides three four-wheel drive modes — normal, mud and sand, mud and rock — that can respond to challenging road conditions and greatly improve the car’s steering performance.

The Toyota Highlander was first launched in the Middle Kingdom in 2009, and over the past 13 years it has received acclaim from more than 1.18 million happy car owners.

Toyota Highlander 380T 2023.

According to the «China Car Retention Report 2021,» published by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the Highlander’s 3-year retention rate reaches 89.12%, making it first in its class.

Now the launch of the new fourth-generation Highlander 380T will provide consumers with more diverse choices and enrich the car’s usage scenarios.


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