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Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022. The 2022 Toyota Hilux is visually similar to its predecessor. However, within the framework of several recent upgrades, the manufacturer has made quite serious changes to the design of the car and reconfigured the on-board equipment.

Thanks to this, the Japanese competitor Volkswagen Amarok and Mitsubishi L200 has become more reliable, stronger and more comfortable on smooth asphalt.

In Russia, Hilux is offered at a price of 2.661 million rubles with three engines: 2.4- and 2.8-liter turbodiesels and 2.7-liter «aspirated».

The list of basic equipment can be called «poor», since by default a Japanese pickup truck is devoid of even a stereo system. But in the top modification, leather seats and many comfortable options appear.


This is not to say that the 2022 Toyota Hilux received a new body, although, as official photos show, the pickup has changed quite seriously during the last modernization.

Simultaneously with the modifications of the exterior and interior, the manufacturer corrected the configuration, as a result of which prices increased.

At the same time, the technical characteristics of the Japanese model remained the same. But the Hilux’s off-road capabilities have been dramatically improved.

The basis of the Japanese pickup is a frame chassis, the structure of which has recently been strengthened.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

At the front, as before, there is an independent link suspension, complemented by springs, telescopic shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar.

At the back there is a dependent spring structure, which provides a fairly high carrying capacity of 830 kilograms.

In the top version, this figure is reduced to 455 kilograms. The length of the Japanese model is 5330 mm, width — 1855 mm, height — 1815 mm. The wheelbase reaches 3085 mm, the ground clearance is 227 mm.

Hilux by default in Russia is equipped with a 2.7-liter «atmospheric» engine, which develops no more than 166 hp. net power and 245 N * m of torque.

Together with it, a 5-speed manual transmission is installed on the Japanese model. The dynamics of acceleration for this version of Hilux is not announced.

An optional 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine can be purchased with the Japanese pickup. Its declared net power is 150 hp. with a maximum pulling moment of 400 N * m.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

Such a motor is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. Together with it, he consumes about 7.3 liters of fuel.

In the top-end versions, a second turbodiesel engine appears under the hood of Hilux, combined with a 6-speed «automatic».

A pickup in this design consumes on average up to 8 liters of fuel and accelerates to 100 km / h in 10 seconds.

The Hilux comes with a plug-in all-wheel drive with the function of disabling the front differential and forced locking of the central one.

Options and prices

The updated Toyota Hilux is available in Russia in three trim levels.

This is a new version that came alongside the 2022 model year pickup. This equipment is estimated at a minimum of 2.661 million rubles.

Only together with it is the basic naturally aspirated engine offered. As standard, Hilux is equipped with a power steering, steel wheels with a diameter of 17 inches (aluminum for a surcharge) and halogen optics.

The headlights are equipped with an automatic switch-on function by default.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

As standard, the 2022 Toyota Hilux is also equipped with electronic stability control and anti-slip systems.

There are in the initial version an assistant at the start on a hill, air conditioning and audio preparation with four speakers.

An anti-glare interior mirror and an additional heater for the engine and interior are responsible for comfort.

The second complete set of the Japanese model is estimated in Russia at 2.873 million rubles.

The 2022 Toyota Hilux also gets front fog lights, leather-wrapped steering wheel and aluminum rims.

Black onyx
The top version of the Japanese model is estimated at 3.463 million rubles. Hilux in this version stands out with a black body color and new decorative inserts.

The pickup in this configuration receives rims with a diameter of 18 inches, full LED lighting (including DRL), a keyless engine start system and an electric driver’s seat.

The seats in the Japanese model are finished in faux leather. Also in the top version you can find keyless access to the salon, an assistant when descending a hill and parking sensors built into the front and rear bumpers.

Toyota Hilux Revo Mc Urban Sport 2022.

Comfort in the passenger compartment is provided by the air conditioning system and atmospheric LED lighting.


Externally, Hilux has changed quite a lot after the last modernization. Moreover, the main improvements were made to the front of the body, where a new, larger radiator grille with a wide metal edging appeared.

On the sides of it are made narrowed headlights with LED lights. The front bumper has also undergone a series of tweaks to give it a «muscular» feel.

Its sides are decorated with cutouts for large fog lights, and in the center there is a barely visible air intake strip.

At the stern of the Japanese model, there is a large LED optics built into the side pillars. In addition, the Hilux wheel fenders have become larger after modernization.

In Russia, the Japanese pickup is presented only with a five-seater cab.

The Hilux interior is now more premium. The interior space is lined with artificial leather, which is upholstered not only on the seats, but also on the armrest.

The pickup retained the compact screen that sits on top of the dash under a small visor and acquired a larger touchscreen display built into the center console.

Underneath is the outdated climate control unit. The rear row of seats in the Hilux provides a fairly comfortable fit.

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