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Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (2016)

Everyone is used to the fact that the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota produces high quality products because the company’s logo can be found anywhere on the planet. A long line of models under this brand is intended for a diverse audience, and meets its needs and quality and price.

Toyota Land Cruiser, descended from the conveyor for the first time in 2008 has been and remains the flagship of the company, has updated only once in 2012. Toyota, usually updates its models every 4 years, and instead of the second upgrade of one model, prefers to release a brand new version.

The new hybrid Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Today, the automotive world is waiting for the emergence of a hybrid version of the Land Cruiser 200, which is expected to be released in 2016. The official presentation of the model by Toyota is scheduled for this summer, but at least the first photos and information on the specifications already leaked into the global network. Motorists expect from engineers of the corporation new SUV that will amaze with its unique technical solutions, equipment and design.



According to information from various sources and the image, the updated SUV will be equipped with a new bumper, a modified light engineering, radar, the containment system in a traffic lane, a camera to detect pedestrians, autonomous braking function.

Previous engine Toyota Land Cruiser will give way to a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel turbo engine, which will be managed by dedicated six automatic transmission.

Developers Land Cruiser in 2016 significantly changed the front part of the additions in the form of a new head optics with extended sections of LED lamps. According to a new look and retouched front bumper, with the addition of sections for some form of fog lamps. Presumably update will be included in the security system that prevents from a frontal collision.


Salon remained the same, an eight-five. In Russia, the Land Cruiser 200 will get a new 4.6-liter V8 engine with a power of 309 hp

Diesel is an option left with the same engine accelerates the SUV up to a hundred in 8.9 seconds. Pleased motorists and technical innovation in the form of a modernized system Crawl Control, combined with Multi-Terrain Select. This «tandem» gives the right to choose one of five modes: rocks, snow, mud, sand and bumps.

The second restyling of the same model for several years in the automotive world is a rare event, and for general corporate Toyota nonsense. However, the design office apparently confident in the success of the project and is going to surprise the world with a hybrid setup.

The company explains this decision by saying that the time has come when you need to pay more attention to the ecology of the environment and the problem of shortage of energy resources. Too many Land Cruiser 200 consumes fuel and thus the emission of harmful substances and maximum.


The company’s engineers managed to make plans and it is expected that Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 will consume fuel at 30% less than its predecessor. It gives a lot of advantages, and other than those listed above may attract the attention of customers who prefer an economical ride with a high comfort. Ride on such a car will not require frequent stops at gas stations in the middle and long-distance trips.

The company’s engineers did not spare funds to equip the SUV a huge number of electronic systems:

• Climate Control into four zones;
• Control all-wheel drive;
• recycled ABS;
• tracking resistance SUV;
• alert the driver of approaching obstacles;
• new optics (as standard).

These innovative systems will last for many years and a car equipped with them and being in affordable price range, will always be in demand. Himself SUV powerplant is a V-shaped «eight», having a volume of 5700 cm3, has an output of 381 liters. from. with a torque 401 Nm.



The cost of the updated Land Cruiser, as usual, formed and the market pricing depends on configuration and equipment. Such a car would allow pay for itself through savings on fuel consumption. It is expected that the price of the base version will be set to 75 000 dollars, and a prestigious variant can reach up to $ 90 000.


The previous version of Land Cruiser 200 had a huge audience of fans, happy high specification Chassis features, trouble-free operation of electronic systems and comfort, but the new hybrid is expected to exceed all expectations thanks to the phenomenal engine and a large number of new technologies and systems. The manufacturer guarantees preservation of all qualities SUV and off-road enthusiasts, this hybrid version with a fuel-efficient engine is the perfect car.

Video review of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (2016)

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