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Toyota Mirai 2021.

Toyota Mirai 2021.

Toyota Mirai 2021.

Toyota Mirai 2021: a sedan with a progressive hydrogen-electric engine.
The Japanese on a grand scale presented a new version of the three-volume sedan — Toyota Mirai 2021.

The advantages of the new model range include an economical power unit running on hydrogen, a futuristic body design, and a wide range of implemented layout and technical solutions.

The new model includes a dynamic and expressive appearance with elements of business and sporty style, improved driving and operational characteristics, expanded functionality of standard and special onboard options.

Deep restyling had a positive effect on updating the list of finishing materials, comfort and ergonomics of the salon interior, more complete compliance with current environmental standards.


Traditionally, the most striking and memorable bodywork details are concentrated on the front of the new sedan. The new generation Toyota Mirai 2021 demonstrates:

• a new body modified for a number of parameters with a windscreen inclination characteristic of sports cars;

• side and central longitudinal profiles of the hood rounded along the front edge;

• wedge-shaped configuration of narrow blocks of front optics and ribbed profile of the protruding bumper.

Toyota Mirai 2021.

In the photo from the front, the lower part of the front end looks stylish and aggressive. In the field of view — the transverse slats of the radiator lining and the side diffusers supplemented with vertical running lights.

The composition uses the decorative properties of the chrome plating of the brand logo and curly metal plates, as well as ribbed sports relief.

No less interesting and presentable is the new Toyota Mirai model of 2021 in a profile projection. In sight:

• sloping to the stern line of the compartment-shaped roof;

• angular geometry and matt black side glazing trim;

• modern oval mirrors and small door handles recessed into the body.

The novelty forms a positive visual perception with a dynamic body contour, muscular texture of the sidewalls, seven-lobe design of 18-inch rims.

Toyota Mirai 2021.

The structural and layout features of the rear side of the body include a panoramic format and a gentle slope of the rear window, exclusive graphics of triangular multifunctional lights, complemented by a decorative spoiler, branding and LED lintel, a compact luggage compartment lid.

The configuration of the rear of the hull also includes a massive protruding bumper and a set of fog lamps.


The interior of the four-seater saloon is characterized by a high quality finish corresponding to the status, an original design of the front panel, and an ergonomic layout of seats that are comfortable enough for their class.

• Contrary to established traditions, the digital instrument cluster is placed on the upper tier of the center console. The dashboard also includes a 9-inch display that combines command and media functions, a touch panel for activating and setting standard options, as well as a pair of ventilation deflectors.

• Some of the command buttons are mounted on the wide side spokes of the multifunction steering wheel. In the construction of the tunnel there is a technical sector, a set of organizers forming a comfort and a soft armrest.

Perfectly profiled and ergonomically impeccable front seats will delight potential owners with a comfortable fit, the presence of support elements, multiple adjustment ranges and a heated seat circuit.

Toyota Mirai 2021.

The rear sofa for two seats partially compensates for the lack of service functionality with a large amount of personal space, the presence of a folding armrest and the ability to tilt the back. The volume of the trunk is 361 liters, for a car in the «sedan» body this figure can be considered nominal.


Body dimensions comparable to those of the Camry E-class branded model are realized in harmonious proportions of 4890 x 1815 and 1535 mm. The base length is 2780 mm, the ground clearance is 130 mm.

The chassis includes a combined MacPherson and torsion-bar axle suspension, a brake circuit of ventilated and standard disc mechanisms, a set of stability stabilizers and active road safety systems.

The test drive confirmed the level of interior comfort, sound insulation and effective suspension performance corresponding to the premium status.

Toyota Mirai 2021.

• The new incarnation of the 2021 Toyota Mirai is powered by a proprietary electric motor with an equivalent power of 154 hp / 335 Nm peak torque. Hydrogen cells with an output of 114 kW are used as an environmentally friendly fuel.

• The tandem provides a sedan weighing 1850 kg with a time to reach the first hundred of 9 seconds and a maximum speed of 170 km / h.

Special equipment at filling stations reduces the recovery time of the energy content of fuel cells to three minutes. The length of the run from one set has been increased to 480 km.

Options and prices

The competitors are similar models with a combined electrohydrogen drive. These are analogues of the class Honda Clarity, Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL, Ford Airstream, Pininfarina H2 Speed ​​and BMW Hydrogen 7 and Hyundai Nexo.

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