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Toyota Rav4 2016

Toyota Rav4 2016

Toyota Rav4 2016: to improve the dynamics of the course.

In each country, you can find thousands and millions of fans of Japanese car brands Toyota, and it is not surprising that they have been waiting with great interest the update of the popular line of models.

Good news: Toyota Rav April 2016 model year successfully survived the restyling! The new car was presented at the opening of the showroom in New York, and now fans are waiting for its release on the market.

Let’s take a closer look, what new can attract their fans, and what has the technical characteristics.

Some major changes in the external appearance of the car is not there — it’s all the same sporting style, elegant form alone which alludes to high-speed driving. But nuances add a significant amount, making the car more attractive.


Updated exterior

With advanced Japanese technology, the appearance of the car became more sophisticated and dynamic. This is due to the following changes:

The front part of the nose and became more aggressive, which gave the models a special predatory chic.
Little has changed optics of the car — it became similar to the one that is installed on the Toyota Yaris. All lights, brake lights and turn signals got sharper forms.

Fairing shape has changed and the radiator grille, which repeats the contours of the hood.

The luggage compartment of the car got a new door, which, like all SUVs now rises.

Elements such as the wheels, the wheels and the overall style remained unchanged. The main features of the vehicle underline its speed, dynamics and comfort.


Interior news

Inside, the car has also undergone significant changes. Torpedo becomes wider, and the quality of finishing materials will now be much higher. All electronics news has been updated, which brought this model to a whole new level.

Camera Review, parking sensors and a multimedia system with built-in navigation — these are the features that attract many fans of Toyota Rav-4.


In aggregate lineup virtually no changes, except for the appearance of a hybrid version with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. This led to the stunning power 190 hp and fuel consumption in the urban cycle of about 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Standard models will feature two petrol units (2.5 and 2 liters) and one diesel 2.2-liter engine. Their thickness is 146, 180 and 156 hp respectively.

The average speed of a novelty to disperse hundreds of 9.3 seconds in the 2.5-liter petrol version. Hybrid will start much faster. Buyers of the new Toyota RAV-4 will be available on the market as front-city version, so this SUV 4×4. Transmission car has three versions:

six-speed mechanics;
dedicated six automatic transmission;
stepless variator;

All the new models present independent suspension, power steering and a special chassis design with increased stiffness. Will be available for sale eight trim levels — from «standard» to «Prestige Plus», as well as a sports version of the SE, having increased wheels and the corresponding suspension chassis.


Start of sales

Very soon you can expect to see this new product in our market. The very first model of all will be a hybrid version, and the promise of its sale in January 2016. The rest of the Rav-4 cars with conventional powertrains will be available until the end of the year.

Video preview and test drive a Toyota Rav 4


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