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Toyota RAV4 2022.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

Toyota RAV4 2022 is a restyled urban crossover SUV.

Sophisticated interior design, fuel economy, balanced technical stuffing — all this is presented in the new model Toyota RAV4 2022 from the well-known manufacturer from Japan.

Most motorists know firsthand about the high reliability and safety products of the brand. Specifically in the U.S., this model is considered the best SUV among other analogs.

Despite the fact that the official introduction of the V generation has already taken place in 2018 and the following year the cars entered the market, the manufacturer has prepared an update.


Toyota RAV 4 fifth-generation 2022 model year stands out among its predecessors with its original angular design.

The front part imitates the look of a predator. Japanese craftsmen have given the radiator grille massive due to the texture with large cells, filled with metal inserts.

Headlights took a narrowed shape, and the front bumper grew in size.

A large trapezoidal air intake adds a drop of brutality to the SUV. The side diffusers have a set of fog lights.

The wheel arches, which have changed their outlines, stand out on the side. If previously there was a semicircular shape, now the engineers have given the elements a square design.

Off-road qualities of the car are confirmed by the greater addition of black plastic on the bottom of the body. But it is also an urban crossover.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

At the stern, the sporty power is embodied by a number of accompanying elements:

updated taillights;
enlarged rear bumper, covered with a metal protective insert;
metal trim below the rear window.

All this combined creates an Asian origin of the crossover with a lot of straight body lines.

Interior and equipment

Changes in the interior are minor, but they are there. Designers redesigned the central tunnel. At the same time it was updated some of the control systems of standard options.

Increased wheelbase provided more space for back row passengers.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

The quality of seats, in turn, also improved — now they provide a much greater level of comfort, and regardless of the length of travel.

The interior of the novelty is made in a fairly restrained style — the entire front console has a simple design. Japanese specialists approached to the interior with the utmost responsibility.

Fit details are made with a high level of accuracy, which is the trademark indicator of skill.

The central widescreen monitor has not the biggest diagonal for this class of cars (only 8 to 9 inches).

Around him concentrated already outdated controls:

Apple CarPlay.
Android Auto.

Such equipment provides high quality of the displayed image.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

Regarding the combination of instruments, the developers use a time-tested (possibly old, but reliable) proprietary ergonomic scheme.

The dials are located on both sides, and a large color main display, where the «drawn» speedometer — exactly in the center.


The change of generations entailed the transition to a new TNGA platform. This solution allowed to improve the settings of the running gear and steering, which before was not bad.

The power lineup for Russia includes two atmospheric four-cylinder gasoline engines in 2 and 2.5 liters with an output of 150 hp. (206 Nm) and 200 hp. (243 Nm) respectively.

For the initial configuration to the two-liter unit is available only a 6-speed manual gearbox. In other cases it is available with a variator. Pair the more powerful motor is an 8-band automatic transmission.

Dimensions of the restyled car have been changed in the direction of increasing the figures.

Dimensions of the updated version

Length (mm) 4 600
Width (mm) 1855
Height (mm) 1685
Wheelbase (mm) 2690
Ground clearance (mm) 195
Buyers can choose between models with front or all-wheel drive.

Toyota RAV4 2022.


Every car that’s popular has competing brands, which isn’t surprising. The Toyota RAV4 2022 is no exception to the rule.

In the Russian market, the novelty will have to compete with these rivals:

KIA Sportage.
Hyundai Tucson.
Volkswagen Tiguan.
Nissan X-Trail.
Mazda CX-5.
Honda CR-V.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio.
Audi Q5.
Citroen C4 Aircross.
Chery Tiggo 2.
Nissan Qashqai.
Ford Kuga.

The fact that nobody contests reliability and comfort of Japanese automobiles is in favor of novelty. Not without reason the production of the company heads the ratings of authoritative editions.

The cost of the crossover varies within the limits, based on the offered configuration (approximate cost in rubles):

Standard — 2,017,000 (2L) or (2.5L).
Comfort — from 2 275 000.
Style — from 2 468 000.
Prestige — from 2,576,000.
Prestige Safety — from 2,727,000.

The final cost of cars depends on the engine volume — 2 or 2.5 liters, the drive type and transmission.

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