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Toyota Supra 2023.

Toyota Supra 2023.

Toyota Supra 2023.

Toyota may present Supra sports car with «manual transmission».

Toyota Supra sport coupe equipped with manual transmission can appear on sale after all, says one of the dealers of the Japanese brand.

Approximate appearance of such version of the model is the end of this year.

In early September 2018, Tetsuya Tada, who is the Japanese brand’s chief engineer, noted that a Supra equipped with a manual transmission would not drive well, mainly because such a transmission simply could not handle the huge torque. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit develops 500 Nm.

But still, rumors about appearance of such version of the Japanese sports coupe continue to circulate in the network.

The most recent gossip we reviewed came from Japan’s CarSensor magazine, which published an article in November 2021 claiming that the Japanese sports car would finally allow drivers to control the gears.

Toyota Supra 2023.

Foreign colleagues at another well-known publication, The Drive, learned from a source at a Toyota dealership that the Supra is «confirmed» to receive a six-speed manual transmission as an alternative to ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission.

It could be available as early as the upcoming 2023 model year, but so far only for the U.S. market, but nothing official has been said at this time.

Toyota Supra 2023.

It’s also unclear whether Toyota has changed its mind about pairing the «B58» engine with a manual transmission, or whether the latter will only be available with the smaller 2.0-liter engine, codenamed «B48.»

As a side note, the BMW Z4, which is structurally closely similar to the Toyota Supra is offered with a «manual,» but only for the base sDrive20i version available in some markets.

Toyota Supra 2023.

It became known when Toyota Supra with «manual» will appear at dealers.

Manual transmission will replace automatic transmission next year
Automobile portal The Drive has published new rumors about equipping Toyota Supra with manual transmission.

According to experts, one of the sources in the dealer network of the brand confirmed that the new generation of sports car will have a six-speed «manual», which will be an alternative to the eight-band automatic transmission ZF.

The first sports car with manual gearshift will appear at dealers in 2023.

Toyota Supra 2023.

Although the information was provided by an unnamed dealership employee, it is still impossible to confirm the veracity of the rumors.

Officially, Toyota has not yet commented on the possibility of equipping the Supra with a manual transmission.

In addition, it is unknown what unit will accompany the six-speed «mechanics».

It is expected that it will be an engine with output from 340 to 387 horsepower. The current two-liter engine is predicted to work exclusively with the «automatic».

In November last year, insiders shared rumors about when Toyota Supra with «manual» can go on assembly line.

At the same time, details of the unit, which will equip the «charged» version of the sports car GRMN appeared.

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