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Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

This fully restored Toyota Supra Mk4 2022 is driven at top speed on the Autobahn.

On a foreign YouTube-channel appeared a video, which shows running at top speed of restored Toyota Supra Mk4. The car drives on the German autobahn.

Ask any Supra fan which generation of this iconic Japanese coupe is the best, and you’re likely to hear the Mk4 as the answer to that question.

That’s how popular this version of the model is with tuners and car enthusiasts, forever imprinted in pop culture thanks to Hollywood movies.

Its iconic 2JZ inline-six engine is also one of everyone’s favorite powertrains, and tuners can squeeze out twice as many horses as its standard version.

Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

Needless to say, the Toyota Supra Mk4 has received a huge share of recognition, particularly this version of it, captured by blogger AutoTopNL on his YouTube channel.

This is a restored 1994 Toyota Supra made by Dutch company Stipt Polish Point.

Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

This Supra has been restored to its original appearance, and every detail reflects what the coupe was like when it first rolled off the assembly line.

With a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six engine in the restored Mk4 Supra, the car makes up to 325 horsepower and 441 Nm of torque.

Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

This motor was available with a six-speed manual transmission or, in the case of this particular specimen, a four-speed automatic transmission.

Its top speed is supposed to be limited to 250 km/h for the world market.

Toyota Supra Mk4 2022.

But as AutoTopNL’s testing on unlimited stretches of the German autobahn showed, this Supra can do more.

In fact, it was able to reach 265 km/h after several attempts.

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