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Toyota Venza 2021.

Toyota Venza 2021

Toyota Venza 2021.

Toyota Venza 2021 — the new all-wheel drive hybrid crossover.
At the time of the release of the first generation Toyota Venza, the models predicted a great future, because it was the most unusual in a good sense of the word crossover of those years. But, alas, the end user was not ready for this and sales by the standards of the brand were extremely weak. Therefore, since 2016, nothing has been heard about the development of new generations of mid-size cross-country.

And in May 2020, the US premiered the new SUV, which unexpectedly flaunted with Venza nameplates. Those who follow the latest news of the auto industry immediately remembered another Japanese crossover, presented a month earlier in the home market, with a completely identical interior and body — Toyota Harrier.

Yes, for many fans of the model, such a transformation was a real blow. Indeed, although the Venza fan club is not large, it is quite united. Nevertheless, it is not worth putting an end to the new product, because in terms of technology there is something to look at.

Toyota Venza 2021


Like most of the latest Toyota Venza or Harrier innovations, anyone like that is built on the TNGA platform with the “K” prefix. The latest index hides the latest developments of the brand in terms of hybridization. Actually, this is the main feature of the novelty.
Interestingly, the hybrid configuration will be the only one for Toyota Venza. ICE options will be laid only to the ferret, whose fate is still unknown in most markets outside of Japan.

Returning to the cart, the TNGA-K involves installing a generator and two electric motors, one on each axis, which provides four-wheel drive by default.

The latter is worth focusing on. The transmission is announced in the form of an Electronic On-Demand AWD system, the essence of which is the flexible distribution of traction according to the formula from 100: 0 to 20:80, depending on the performance of the road surface sensors.

The suspension is the same as that of the analogue — according to MacPherson in front and a multi-link system on the rear axle. Here you can also mention the presence of the Active Cornering Assist stabilization system with a direct effect on the braking mechanisms in corners.

Regarding the main — power units, the picture is as follows. The hybrid crossover receives a 2.5-liter gasoline engine plus two electric trains. The power was not separately disclosed, but the total exhaust system — 222 hp

Toyota Venza 2021

A fairly significant result by modern standards, given the price category of the cross, which also played into the hands of the dynamics — 7.8 seconds to 100 km / h (a hybrid RAV4 gives a similar indicator). True consumption compared with the sister Prius is not impressive — 5.9 liters.

Venza points do not add and the lack of recharge. The battery on board was installed only to ensure the stable operation of power generating units, but not a word was heard at the presentation about the possibility of driving without exhaust gases.

True, insiders recently announced the possibility of using electric traction at low speeds and for an extremely limited period of time.
And finally, it remains to mention the electronic equipment. On board:

8 airbags;
Stability Program;
Strip control;
Radar cruise;
Frontal Collision Warning System;
Recognition of pedestrians, cyclists and road signs;
Automated control of LED optics;
3-zone climate with touch control panel;
Power front seats;
Ventilation and heating of all seats;
On-board computer with a 4.2-inch monitor.

Also on board is an impressive entertainment complex of a 12.3-inch multimedia screen with support for Android and IOS mobile services, and a JBL audio system with 9 speakers.

Toyota Venza 2021


In appearance, there is nothing special to say. No changes were found in comparison with Harrier. The front part is also made in a minimalist style with a tiny radiator grille, an impressive “curb” and narrow aggressive optics.

On the sides there is nothing remarkable — a rather squat dome of the buck with a smooth indulgence to the stern, chrome window trim and 19-inch wheels.

Narrow dimensions are located at the stern, to match the front optics, LED bridge, diamond-shaped brake lights and two symmetrical exhaust pipes.

Toyota Venza 2021


The interior in the updated Toyota Venza is also unchanged. Near sports seats with high head restraints, a wide tunnel with two cup holders and a deep niche under the torpedo, a touch center panel, a digital rear-view mirror (salon), a large multimedia system, and a bright dashboard interface.
Another thing worth mentioning is Toyota’s greatest pride — a panoramic roof with the ability to darken glass. Trunk volume — 1028 l.


The same price range fits perfectly: Lexus UX, Hyundai Kona, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.
Regarding the latter, although the Japanese claim that Venza allegedly goes in a separate niche, the closeness to the company’s hit is obvious.

Price and sales start date

New in 2021 goes on sale this summer. Interestingly, production was established in the homeland, at the Takaoka plant.

After testing on the American continent, the company intends to try its hand at the Chinese market.
Regarding the price tag, the price of only the elite version was announced (there will be three complete sets) — 3.37 million rubles.

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