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Toyota Yaris L 2022.

Toyota Yaris L 2022.

Toyota Yaris L 2022.

Prices for the updated Toyota Yaris L 2022 model year have been announced: it still costs less than a million rubles.

Everyone is well aware of the love of the Chinese for cars with a larger wheelbase, and many automakers are producing models exclusive to this country.

One of them is the Toyota Yaris L. On the eve the manufacturer disclosed the price range for all variants of the model, as well as information about the changes that have taken place with the compact for the 2022 model year.

So, a total of 6 versions of the compact will be launched, priced between 85,800 and 103,800 yuan (998,000 -1.2 million rubles).

That is, the Toyota Yaris hatchback, sedan and crossover each received two different versions.

The most affordable offering in this line of cars is of course the Yaris L hatchback, while the most expensive model was the Yaris Cross.

In terms of appearance, the cars have undergone virtually no changes, as the manufacturer’s efforts were largely aimed at adjusting the on-board equipment, as well as the packages.

All Toyota Yaris models will now be equipped with self-dimming rearview mirrors, cruise control and multicool in the base version.

Toyota Yaris L 2022.

At the same time for the top versions, which are called Luxury Plus, the engine start system and keyless entry, as well as regular anti-theft system became available.

The power part similar to the exterior and interior has not undergone any changes.

Therefore, each car in the Chinese market is still equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 112 horsepower, and a maximum torque of 139 N*m.

Toyota Yaris L 2022.

The engine is paired with a variator, which mimics the 8-band automatic.

Maneuverability and off-road performance

The car has small dimensions and a lot of electronic aids, helping to drive.

This will allow you to comfortably drive around town, where also well shows itself variator, which does not need to control the lever.

Toyota Yaris L 2022.

It is also plus to have a hybrid system, which allows saving money on fuel.

With the car you can go on a long trip, but you can not take a lot of luggage with you.

The hybrid version of the model is more economical, and the car with a 120 hp gasoline engine shows better dynamics.

Toyota Yaris L 2022.

The car can cope with country roads, if a package with all-wheel drive transmission was chosen.

However, the front-wheel drive will not show the best results even on the ground because of the low ground clearance (17 centimeters).

Certainly, it is better not to drive on lack of roads, even the system 4WD will not save you.

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