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Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Mercedes-AMG GT R redesigned into 850-horsepower fashionable speedster without a roof.

The German engineering firm HWA AG from Affalterbach has unveiled the Bussink GT R SpeedLegend, based on the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

It is reported that the author of the project is designer Roland Boussink, who during the development process and was inspired by formula cars, namely Mercedes-AMG F1 and McLaren SLR Stirling Moss.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

It differs from the donor supercar Bussink GT R SpeedLegend by the absence of front pillars and a rigid roof. Instead of the latter, German specialists installed a soft convertible top.

Again, there is no traditional windshield, but there is a low transparent insert with a central Y-shaped carbon element.

The latter resembles Halo on F-1 cars and serves as a defensive function.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

This Y-shaped insert is very organically integrated into the design of the speedster and has a diode backlight.

Plus, a salon mirror is fixed on it and there are four «hot» keys.

The engineers of HWA AG have done a tremendous job, trying to make sure that the open modification is in no way inferior to the donor in terms of body rigidity and the level of passive safety.

In particular, they additionally reinforced the rear of the car and added bows behind the seat backs.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

At the same time, the rejection of the hard top and the widespread use of carbon fiber had a positive effect on the curb weight of the modification, which was immediately 100 kg lighter than the original AMG GT R.

Plus, the developers managed to increase the output of the V8 turbo engine from the original 585 to 850 hp.

Therefore, this option should be faster than the donor car, although HWA AG does not give exact numbers.

The Bussink GT R SpeedLegend will have a print run of only 5 pieces, all of which are already pre-ordered.

Tuning Mercedes-AMG GT R.

The price of such a rare car is not advertised, but it is definitely noticeably higher than the original Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Let us recall that the circulation of the latter is limited to 750 copies, while the cost of the model starts at 335,000 euros (more than 30.0 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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