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Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024. TOGG is preparing to launch its first electric crossover in Turkey.

Turkish electric car brand TOGG is ready to launch its first model in the local market.

The model will arrive in Europe at the end of 2024 with two versions and wide autonomy.

The Turkish company is gearing up for the commercial launch of the first of five models due in the coming years.

The commercial launch of this compact SUV is ready. The first units will begin to arrive next spring.

TOGG has opted for a modern and elegant design for its electric vehicles, signed by the prestigious Pininfarina, whose end result is virtually unchanged from the cutting-edge concept.

Even the interior hasn’t changed, dominated by a thin screen that runs horizontally across the entire width of the dashboard and a fourth display in the center console dedicated solely to setting the automatic climate control.

TOGG has thrown the house out of the window in terms of technology, there is nothing to be jealous of the European models with which it will compete from the end of 2024 when it is expected to reach the continent.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

All models of the Turkish brand will have an advanced multimedia platform with cloud connectivity services, including OTA over-the-air updates.

The firm has developed an on-demand service platform called Trumore that will allow owners to access equipment downloads and is also the most innovative sales tool to date.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

The Made in Turkey electric crossover is based on an advanced platform specifically for battery electric vehicles that will offer different levels of capacity so that the maximum autonomy on a single charge will be between 300 and 500 kilometers.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

It will be linked to versions with one and two electric motors, with a rear power plant and all-wheel drive, with two power options: 147 kW and 294 kW, which is equivalent to 200 and 400 hp. respectively.

Turkish electric car TOGG 2024.

Their prices are unknown, but they will not be cheap: they will start at around 50,000 euros.

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