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UAZ Patriot 2016

UAZ Patriot 2016

UAZ Patriot 2016.

UAZ «Patriot» has long been popular among Russian motorists, and one of the reasons for this attitude — a good quality for a reasonable cost. And given the fact that the manufacturer plans to modify an existing vehicle, it is no wonder that by the «patriots» expressed much greater interest than to foreign-made SUV.


Representatives of the manufacturer tell that the new UAZ Patriot 2016 is not only more comfortable but also safer for the driver and passengers. From the obvious improvements especially worth noting changes in body /

Dimensions and tires

Length — 4 m 70 cm;
Height — 1 m 91 cm;
The width of 2 m 10 cm
Ground clearance — 21 cm;
Base wheels — 2 m 67 cm.
Basic equipment car comes with 235/70 tires.

The SUV has a fairly solid mass, of the order of 2165 kg.

Track front and rear wheels — 1610 mm Standard tires — 235/70 R16, and as an option can be ordered and larger tires — 245/60 R18.

Disks in the new model would be 16-inch. Optionally, you can install the 18-inch.


Technological improvements and design

Thus, the new «Patriot» will be improved in terms of aerodynamics streamlined wings, which in this case will give the SUV a more solid look. Wings, as well as some other elements of the exterior will be made of plastic, which significantly reduces the weight of the car.

Another planned external innovation — fog lights and new optics headlights. If you take the modification Limited, it is equipped with running lights, built with LEDs.

The radiator grille is now a trehreechnoy.
Optionally available alloy wheels R18.

As for the interior — UAZ Patriot 2016 will be equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal 7 inches and a resolution of Full HD. This is a rare case in the domestic automobile industry, when switching between the navigation system and multimedia components will be carried out using the touch screen.

The navigation system, in turn, will have the function of downloading maps from the satellite and thus the driver can move around the unknown terrain, without the risk of getting lost.

Winker is now built into the rearview mirror, which will also be updated. The mirrors are now more and they can be folded.

The vehicle interior is radically reworked, it is planned to use the new special rubber spacers between the door and the body — it will reduce the level of vibration and noise.


Components Classic with an engine of 128 liters. s., would cost about 650 000 rubles. For a complete set Limited will need to pay 750 thousand rubles. The cost of diesel will be in the range of 720 000-820 000.

Naturally, the situation is possible that due to the ruble value of UAZ-2016 model year and will grow, but if the manufacturer can keep this plug prices, foreign peers will be a worthy competitor in terms of price / quality.

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