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UAZ Patriot 2021.

UAZ Patriot 2021.

UAZ Patriot 2021.

UAZ Patriot 2021: a stylish and courageous conqueror of the Russian off-road.
The Russian off-road vehicle «Patriot» has been produced for almost 15 years, but it has never received any deep restyling.

So the UAZ Patriot of 2021 will freshen up a little externally and become a little more modern inside, while the space under the hood will noticeably transform.

So, in addition to the well-known motors, the plant’s engineers will add new ones with improved characteristics and more reliable ones.

In general, the car, with its external simplicity, has become somewhat more interesting in all senses, and this circumstance should expand the circle of potential buyers of the domestic «rogue».


Judging by the photo, the SUV has not acquired fundamentally new elements and decorations.

He still has the same massive, angular body with a modest relief, uncomplicated lighting equipment and simple air intakes. However, all together it looks quite interesting.

The front of the new model is set high and is rather large, which negatively affects the view, despite even a slight rounding of the hood at the front.

UAZ Patriot 2021.

The windshield has an average angle of inclination and goes into the embossed bonnet with a raised central part.

In front of it are large headlights of a complex configuration with halogen lamps located in two sections, as well as LED daytime running lights, collected in a tape.

It all looks like a single unit with a polygon grille, which in some versions may receive chrome bezels and a fine mesh inside.

The body kit of the UAZ Patriot 2021 turned out to be very massive, the more compact the air intake slot and niches at the corners of the bumper with built-in fog optics seem.

This element ends with a rather powerful protective plate for the engine compartment, just above which, in the expeditionary version, off-road equipment nodes can be installed.

In profile, the new body exhibits a stern square outline, accentuated by medium-sized rectangular windows in massive edging.

All this is complemented by a combination of smooth and chopped relief and huge protruding wheel arches with slightly modified discs.

UAZ Patriot 2021.

The stern of the Russian SUV is traditionally located almost perpendicular to the road, and the main detail here is a heavy tailgate with a large rectangular glass and a spare wheel in a plastic casing just below.

The side lights are located here on racks, they look very voluminous and partially go over the sides.

The body kit of the novelty is quite large, but contains a minimum of elements, among which are fog lights in the corners of the body, a protective strip at the bottom and slots for the exhaust pipes.


The interior of the new UAZ Patriot 2021 model year has become much more interesting due to the presence of new plastic, fabric and metal in the decoration.

The multimedia complex includes new functions, and the seats will allow you to cover relatively long distances with great comfort.

Control and management bodies

The center console does not contain an abundance of elements and looks very modest. A small multimedia display located strictly in the center is responsible for managing the main options.

To the right and left of it, you can find trapeziums of air ducts, and below — blocks of physical switches responsible for the operation of the air conditioner, stove and some auxiliary options.

Nearby, there are sockets for connecting external storage media to the car.

In addition, the car boasts a slightly redesigned steering wheel. Its diameter has increased slightly, but the rim has become slightly thinner.

UAZ Patriot 2021.

The centerpiece received decorative inlays made of brushed aluminum, and a dozen buttons and joysticks flaunt on the spokes, which greatly facilitate interaction with the main driver’s assistants.

But the dashboard remains the same and consists of two analog sensors of speed and engine speed, as well as a small on-board computer screen between them.

Seats and trunk

For a relatively low cost, the buyer will receive good seats, of which there will be five in the car. On the first row there will be two separate chairs with comfortable, soft seats, equipped with lateral support, heating, as well as electric adjustments.

The rear sofa is very comfortable and can comfortably accommodate three people, is equipped with good headrests, and can optionally provide a heating system.

A large trunk enters the car into the list of those, on which the journey will be comfortable, including because of the large trunk: 650 liters of luggage in the stowed state and 2200 liters — if you fold the second row of seats.


The suspension of the UAZ Patriot 2021 remained dependent: at the front it is spring-loaded with an anti-roll bar, and at the rear there is a continuous axle with springs.

Like any real off-road conqueror, the car is also equipped with a frame.

UAZ Patriot 2021.

Regardless of the configuration, the car will be supplied with a 2.7-liter gasoline aspirated 150 «horses», but the transmission — mechanical or automatic — can be chosen.

Most likely, in the near future, the Patriot will receive a 126-horsepower apparatus of the same volume as the base gas-powered engine. In addition, power steering and an all-wheel drive system will always be available to the buyer of the car.

As the test drive showed, the novelty can easily cope with off-road conditions, but driving in the city or on the highway will not be too comfortable for the driver and passengers.

Options and prices

The initial price of the car will come close to the mark of 940 thousand rubles. The top version «Lux Premium» will cost 1.4 million rubles.

Release date in Russia

The issue of starting sales in Russia is irrelevant, since cars of the current model year can already be purchased in car dealerships from January 2021.


Hawal H5, Ssan-Yong Kyron, Nissan Terrano, and Renault Duster will join the fight for the buyer’s wallet with the Patriot.

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