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UAZ Patriot 2022 is the same affordable and reliable first-generation car that has already undergone two restyling. The SUV is a direct competitor to Renault Duster, Lada Niva Travel and Haval H5, and is also perceived as a budget alternative to Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

The price in Russia for 4 offered complete sets ranges from 984 thousand to 1.45 million rubles. The manufacturer does not provide for technical variations, offering buyers an SUV with one type of available engine and two transmission options.

At the same time, after the second update, the car became safer and more technologically advanced.

Technical characteristics

Despite the fact that many motorists have long awaited the appearance of a domestic model in a new body, the 2022 UAZ Patriot will continue to be offered in the usual version.

Also, no innovations are planned in the technical characteristics of the SUV, but the additional equipment, involving the appearance of a bi-fuel version, should go on sale, but the price for it is still unknown. Photos of the current UAZ model are available in our review.

As mentioned above, in any variation, the car is equipped with a single engine option — a 2.7-liter «atmospheric» ZMZ unit, producing 150 horsepower and a torque of 235 N * m. In addition, the car in any version has permanent four-wheel drive.

To increase its off-road capabilities, a two-stage razdatka control selector is available in the UAZ Patriot cabin.

The only technical difference between the SUV models is the choice between a 6-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed «mechanics». The dimensions of the SUV are 4785x1900x2050 mm, and the distance between the axles is 2760 mm.


Other characteristics include:

The ground clearance is 210 mm.
The number of seats in the cabin is 5.
The weight of the car is 2125 kg.
The capacity of the fuel tank is 68 liters.
Luggage compartment capacity — from 1130 to 2415 liters.

It must also be said that a rather atypical dependent suspension is provided for a Russian SUV, as for modern cars. At the front, the manufacturer offered a spring design, which was supplemented with an anti-roll bar. But at the back he offered a continuous axle and two longitudinal springs. Of course, a frame structure was used to create this model.

Options and prices

There are currently four different variants of the SUV on the market.


The basic version of the car for 984 thousand rubles, which includes the following features:

hydraulic booster;
16-inch steel wheels;
halogen optics;
LED matrix of running lights;
side electric mirrors with heating system;
heated rear window and wiper;
steering column with several possible adjustment options;
fabric upholstery;
front armrest;
central locking;
full set of power windows;
electrical outlet;
driver’s airbag;
anti-blocking of wheels;
distribution of braking forces;
audio preparation;
optional installation of a 7-inch display is possible;
on-board computer;



The second most affordable version of UAZ Patriot in 2022 for 1,115,000-1245,000 rubles, supplemented with the following elements:

body-colored side mirror housings and door handles;
driver’s seat, the position of which can be adjusted in height;
lumbar support in front;
rear armrest;
heated front seats;
airbag for the front passenger;
air conditioning;


The price for this version is 1.235-1.365 million. Her list of optional equipment:

aluminum rims;
front fog lights;
multifunction steering wheel in leather sheath;
overboard temperature sensor;
heated steering wheel;
Cruise control;
several electronic assistants, including assistance when starting up the movement on the rise, traction control, electronic stability control;
switch between built-in driving modes;
regular radio and audio player;
7-inch multimedia display;
6 loudspeakers in the cabin.


Premium Suite

The most expensive version, costing 1.32-1.45 million rubles, for which it is supposed:

roof rails;
combined interior trim;
rear seats and heated windshield;
parking assistance sensors;
climate control;
Rear View Camera.


In modern conditions, each automaker strives to «stuff» the car with various «bells and whistles» as much as possible, often even to the detriment of the safety of its passengers. Therefore, it is important to understand, when purchasing a car, what systems and capabilities it has.

So, UAZ Patriot is equipped with two airbags, belts with pretensioners and clamps, as well as the ISOFIX system.

In addition, the set of built-in off-road vehicle options includes a number of full-time assistants who are able to help the driver in difficult times.

The Russian SUV does not take part in official crash tests, which will assess the degree of its reliability, but it must be said that for its price segment, in terms of safety, it is equipped very well.


Handling and off-road performance

UAZ Patriot 2022 cannot be called the standard of movement in the city. The car has decent dimensions, and therefore is quite clumsy and slow. Sometimes one gets the impression that paved roads are simply not for a Russian SUV.

So, the car periodically strives to slip away from the trajectory of movement, and therefore the driver must constantly be in attention and perform steering. And the reaction of the car to pressing the pedals is also not ideal, and therefore the car enthusiast has to constantly press the pedals to the floor.

However, compensation for these shortcomings occurs immediately after the driver in his car gets into off-road conditions. Here the UAZ feels like it is in its native element. He is able, literally, to overcome any obstacles, be it snow drifts, mud or rocky ground.

Thanks to decent ground clearance, all-wheel drive, built-in assistants and reliable underbody protection, the Patriot easily copes with most of the tasks assigned to it.


The appearance of the 2022 UAZ Patriot has not actually changed. The manufacturer is in no hurry to carry out global work on adjusting the exterior, limiting itself, most often, to minimal adjustments, such as adding LED strips of running lights to the head optics.

In general, as before, here you can note a polygonal radiator grille, echoing the headlights, as well as a massive front bumper with an air intake and side cutouts, where standard foglights are integrated. The side part is classic, as for the UAZ Patriot.

Due to the fact that the roof line runs smoothly, the car has a square shape. The rectangular effect is somewhat hidden behind roof rails and protruding wheel arches.

The rear of the body also has a familiar look, thanks to the massive, flat tailgate, on which the spare wheel is attached, as well as the vertical taillights protruding from the fenders.

There is no hint of chic and high cost in the interior of the SUV. Quite budget fabric and plastic immediately give out the class of the car. A small touchscreen display for controlling the multimedia system somewhat brightens the situation.

Also on the center console are air duct deflectors and selectors for adjusting the parameters of the climate control. On the tunnel there are transmission and razdatka control selectors, as well as cup holders and a mechanical «handbrake».

Chairs for the Patriot are comfortable only in the top-end version, but for the budget versions one does not even have to dream about convenience. Of course, there is a lot of free space in the car, and the luggage compartment is generally one of the best not only in the class, but in general on the market.

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